Number 4 of 6 BCG

1 year 1 month ago #59157 by Shacky73
Number 4 of 6 BCG was created by Shacky73
Had number 4 of 6 induction BCG yesterday. I’m getting full dose Tokyo-172 via Prime Trial.

Toughest yet! Peeing after holding in for bit over 2 hours (fell asleep) was painful. I was only going 25-50 ml for 6-7 hours and it hurt like hell. Urgency was off charts at times.

Today got better and volume increase to 100-150.

I was amazed at how much tissue was floated NGx in urinal today. Wasn’t really checking yesterday. Some clots too. All day into evening.

Makes me feel like it’s doing its job!!!

2 more to go.

T1 Grade 3 with CIS

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