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Followup with a few questions was created by Diwai
Firstly I would like to say this forum gives a lot of us a means to ask questions and get direct answers to an illness that sometimes is hard to discuss even with love ones. Thank you all for that.
Well since my last posting another couple of non invasive polyps have shown up and both were removed with day surgery. Follow-up was with Mitomycin and following the second TURB we set up a six week course of BCG. My Doctor decided that a 50% dosage was acceptable and this was completed last Oct. My follow up cysto in Dec showed no signs of any growth however the good old urinary sample again was suspicious (this has been the case on and off since my initial diagnosis in 2009).
My reactions to the BCG was, I believe fairly normal with just a medium amount of discomfort for the first 24hours then a slow recovery to pre BCG.
My Dr has said that following my next 3 month cysto (April) we will address a possible maintenance BCG but no decision has been made yet.
Although I have said that I have had little or no reactions to the BCG I have noticed (in the last month) that my joints, mainly knees and arms have been much stiffer and some discomfort (not the bladder) does now occur 4 months after the BCG. To be very honest we have had a brutal month or so with temps down in the - 20C range and I have to sit in one position for a couple of hours at a time which doesn't help matters and may well be the cause of my aching joints rather than possible BCG related side affects, but I would appreciate any impute.

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If you haven't had any stiffness until 4 months post I'd guess the BCG is not the culprit. However, there have been posters that have had your problem and it probably was caused by the treatment. -20 degrees is certainly a possibility and barometric pressure affects many in their joints. Who really knows? I would certainly keep your medical team in the loop.

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- But it certainly couldn't hurt to move somewhere warmer :cheer:

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