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Red Spot / Inflammation?

1 year 1 month ago #57482 by Refractoryman
I was diagnosed with HG Non Invasive BC in July of 2017. 5mm non invasive papillary tumor and CIS. Have had total of 15 BCG treatments. Last BCG maintenance was Oct. 31 2018. After the third instillation I had a rough time. Fever, bleeding and shedding of the bladder lining that actually was partially blocking the urethra and not letting urine flow. Went to urgent care and they wrongly diagnosed me with a UTI. Went home and a few hours later passed the balled up shedded bladder lining. It looked like a large kidney stone at first. 6 weeks later Dec. 18th 2018 I go in for my quarterly cystoscopy. I tried to explain to the doctor before my cystoscopy what happened after the last final BCG treatment. He didn't seem interested and proceeded. Doctor saw a small red patch / inflammation. His exact words to me were "you have a small red patch or inflammation, not sure? CIS might be back. Want to schedule a biopsy and it may be time to start thinking about having your bladder removed". Needless to say I immediately went for a second opinion. I scheduled an appointment (Jan. 23, 2019) with Dr. Abouassaly at the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urology Center. He did a cystoscopy and also seen a small approx. 2cm slightly inflamed area. He explained to me that it's possible it is inflammation from the BCG but always a chance it isn't. He suggested we wait, give the bladder some more time to heal and revisit in 3 months. With all this said I go this Wednesday May 1st. I have been praying a lot and keeping positive thoughts. Anyone else have similar experiences? Thank you.

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