Tissue looking particles in urine after BCG treatment

1 year 11 months ago #56979 by sara.anne
This is quite normal.....some of the bladder lining is sloughing off, hopefully with the cancer cells too.

You don't notice it in the toilet, but having the urine sit for a while lets it settle.

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1 year 11 months ago #56978 by Puddin01
My husband has non-invasive bladder cancer. He has been doing it for 18 months. In that time period he has had three reoccurring tumors. He does not qualify for bladder removal and building a new one because of his current health issues and weight. After this last surgery to remove tumor my husband had two options, so he chose to start back on BCG treatments. He just had his first treatment of six for the beginning of 6 treatments. We’ Experienced a first this time. After emptying his bladder of treatment it was bedtime. At night he uses a urinal and the next morning it was full of tissue-flesh colored that sank to the bottom of bottle. He has not complained of discomfort or pain when urinating. He did have a brief spell of very low abdomen pain about 20 minutes in between first and second release of BCG. We’ve dealt with blood clots but never this fleshy stuff. Should we be concerned? Oh he is diagnosed with T1 Highly aggressive bladder cancer. Any answers or suggestions as to what it would be will be appreciated.

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