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TURBT - 13/12

1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #56422 by Finalman2
Hi All,

TURBT coming up in 2 days time for what appears to be a 1cm Papillary Tumor - single.

They believe it's superficial based on size, I know this could very well be T1 instead of Ta and I'm not counting out the possibility of anything further.

2 questions here (kinda separate to each other really);

1) Being my first op under general anaesthetic in 20 years (6 years old), my anxiety is starting to go a bit crazy. I know there's not really a great deal to worry about with a TURBT, there's risks as with everything but the reward outweighs the risk. How do you deal with the anxiety for operations/surgery?

2) What's the rate/possibility of a small tumour being MIBC? I'm thinking this is just my mind playing games with me but my job and my personality are all about analysing everything. EDIT: I should add that when seeing it during the Cystoscopy, it had a seaweed look to it, only way I can explain it is as if there were fingers coming out of the inside of my bladder!

Hoping it comes back Benign or PUNLMP but we will see what happens there.

Posting this in Non Invasive Bladder Cancer as we do not yet know what it is, after this, the wait for Pathology begins!

28/10/18 - Blood???
24/12/18 - Dx TaG2
15/01/19 - Start BCG
06/04/19 - Cysto + Biopsies - CANCER CLEAR

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