Dr. Lamm Regarding Treatment for Ta HG

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #52707 by FHet
In the effort to become more informed regarding my BC and treatment proposed by my doctor, I reached out to Dr. Lamm. He very graciously, promptly replied to my email and emailed me Bladder Cancer Standards of Care, BCG Recommendations for Urologists as well as BCG Instructions for Patients. He stated (just like everyone else has said and everything that I've read) that High Grade is dangerous and needs to be treated more aggressively than the treatment plan provided by my doctor (only monitoring through Cystocopy every 3 months). I am new to this forum and tried to upload the documents (3 documents, seven pages) to share the info with everyone, but it keeps failing.
Now I am just waiting on pathology results for a 2nd opinion from Johns Hopkins.


DX 1/10/17 Ta HG papillary tumor 1cm in size.

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4 years 3 months ago #52708 by Cynthia
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FHet, Dr, Lamm is a wonderful man, I personally consider him the Father of BCG.
The reason we do not allow people to publish thier email address is for safety reasons. In the past we have had people try to scam people believe it or not. We do not have a staff to handle the problems it caused when this site first went up as we are all volunteers here. I hope you can understand our forum rule.
It sounds like you are finding your treatment path. Information is power!

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