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Has anyone tried durvalumab?

4 years 1 month ago #52374 by JodieG
I was diagnosed with CIS on August 28, 2014. I rejected Mitomycin and later BCG when it became available (there had been a shortage) and tried a super regimented organic and immune boosting supplements diet for about 3 1/2 months. My cytologies were all negative during this time (and actually since that time), but biopsies in December 2014 still came back positive. So I did 6 weekly BCG treatments in January and February of 2015 and then once a month in June, July, and August 2015. Biopsies in October 2015 were still positive so I did 6 more BCG treatments in November and December 2015 and, after multiple negative cytology and FISH tests, my doctor had me take a break until June when I did once a month BCG treatments again thru August 2016. Biopsies in October were positive, so I went to Moffitt Cancer Center for a 2nd opinion and I was told I have 3 options:
1. Bladder removal
2. 2nd level treatment (Valstar, etc.)
3. Clinical Trial using durvalumab

My doctor was recommending we to try Valstar, but when I told him I got the 2nd opinion from Moffitt and they listed this option of a clinical trial he said he would go with the clinical trial. I'm scheduled to meet with the clinical trial doctor on Tuesday to ensure I'm a good fit and that I agree to it. My understanding is the protocol is an injection of durvalumab once every 4 weeks for a year (13 injections total), with biopsies at regular intervals (not sure how often?).

I understand that durvalumab was approved for bladder cancer treatment (or maybe just for clinical trials?) in February of this year, so I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it and how they've responded to it? It is evidently a similar type of immunotherapy drug that saved President Carter's life last year. Anyway, any information that any of you have about this drug will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much!

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