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I'm in the same boat as Sky Pilot. Finished my 6 weeks of BCG treatment on 30 March and then went overseas for a holiday. I had 2 tumours also the second was a recurrence found in January after original one was removed in October. They were both superficial. I still get the urge to pee urgently even after 5 weeks but there is usually little urine there unless I haveen't peed for a fair time. I guess the BCG is still working in my system. I am due to go back into hospital for another P & P on 17 May. Hopefully all will be clear. I am always positive about these things and remain paranoid about regular checks having survived bowel cancer 10 years ago.

Good luck with your follow up and remain positive. You can beat this.


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Hi Terry and Sky Pilot,

Actually six weeks is not a long wait after BCG, one expert says it can actually take six months for the full effect to exert itself. Others say three months. So it's possible that BCG hasn't had time to complete its mission in 3 wks.

There's info about BCG and Interferon plus a few great links to external websites in the immunotherapy section of the webcafe site. Should answer lots of question...but even the experts can't predict what will happen 100% of the time. Still, Terry, you can be comforted by the good stats of BCG in eradicating CIS, hovering about 75%. Also, the fact that a person has no reactions, or even terrible reactions, doesn't predict response or non-response to BCG. You can be one of the lucky ones that has great response and no side effects.

Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been offline a couple of weeks and just catching up.

Take care,

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I just finished my 6 BCG tretments after 2 tumers were removed. I did not have any problems only blader spasiums making me pee every 30 min for first 24 hours then evry hour. My doc has me going in for turb 3 weeks after my last treatment. 6vweeks seems kind of long wait. Don

Hanging in there!

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17 years 5 months ago #452 by terry_g
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I am a 45 year old women, diagnosed with BC in December 2005, 2 operations since January 2006, removal of 2 tumors, 4 superficial CIS remaining. I just completed my 6 week course of BCG treatment and have had zero problems. In fact, I have had no reaction, pain, discomfort, nothing!. I know, I am extremely fortunate, but this concerns me, the small voice inside is telling me this has not worked successfully 100%. My question, has anyone experienced simular experience, (or lack of) and if so, was it successful, did you need additional BCG treatment with Interfron? I am an information starving person. I have been reading everything I can on BC, but have been unable to gather sufficient information on the sucess rate of BCG with CIS patients the first time around treatment. I have to wait now the 6 weeks before finding out the sucess rate.

Starving for Info.

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