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hope to start BCG

6 years 8 months ago #45785 by slocapo
I am going on my 4th visit this coming Tuesday. I have found that Wed is somewhat like a small pickup hit me but really nothing major. I do take the day off so I don't wear myself out. I have no bleeding or burning. I have felt the past few days a … lets call it feels like I stretched a muscle in my groin area… I think its my bladder saying …hey.. done with this… lets get better…. Pretty much everything I read on this site is spot on and I wish you the best of health!

5-12 TURB
5-13 TURB
11-13 TURB
1-14 BCG
7-14 TURB
8-14 BCG
12-14 TURB
1-15 Cauterized for clotting
2-15 Removal of Right Kidney and Lymph node

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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #45784 by Moonerj
I am sure you are aware that the side effects of BCG varies by patient, therefore I can only share what I experienced with the treatments. I did have 3 sets of 6 weekly treatments and 12 maintenance treatments. I will share my experience with my first set of 6 weekly BCG treatments.
All my treatments were on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday morning I was back to normal. Experienced urgency and some burning while urinating.
I went home immediately after each treatment, only 1/2 hour drive from hospital.
After my 6th treatment I was fine and back to normal with-in 2 days.
My cysto was 6 weeks after the last treatment, doc said 6 weeks because BCG usually inflames bladder so he wanted the bladder to be as free as possible from inflammation.
I believe if Greg does get an all clear he would then begin BCG maintenance.
I wish him all the best with the treatments,
BCG = Bladder Cancer Gone

TA Grade 1
3 Turbts
30 BCG Treatments
Cancer Free since Nov 2007

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6 years 8 months ago #45783 by mareewifeofgreg
So Greg hoping to start BCG asap. The answers are probably here somewhere but have some questions about what to expect. He knows about the general effects - fatigue, need to urinate more etc.

- How soon after each session are you back to `normal`? So life can go on pretty much as usual between the weekly sessions?
- Do you have to stay at the hospital for the 2hrs while you hold it in? What if you can`t? Greg has cystitises so goes OFTEN, due to pain.
- After the last BCG & before the scope how do you feel? He has a big yearly event he really doesnt want to miss, but I told him he may not feel up to it. - - Doc has said the scope will be 6-7 wks after the final BCG. That seems a long time. Is this normal?
- If the T1 is back its cystectomy. If CIS only, its option of cystectomy or BCG again. If clear, its maintenance. is this usual?
Thankyou SaraAnne - will be seeing our GP next week to insist on getting a second opinion about the need for RC - it just seems so final.

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