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BCG treatment and kidney pain

8 years 1 month ago #43760 by 3strikes
Had it often. There is a valve at the ureter and bladder wall. One of my tumors was on the valve itself. Irritation can cause poor closure. As I passed calcification stones from my bladder I would flinch. The back pressure of urine feels like someone gave you punch. For me the first episode put me on the floor,(yes I was peeing at the time, thank God for vinyl floor) it was the worst one, they get easier over time. It does happen from just movement as well. You might talk to DR about a lighter dose of BCG. The back pain was for me a light case of the same cause.
Concentrate on relaxing every muscle as you urinate. Slow is good. If it happens again (It may not)get comfortable and relax. Alot like getting kicked in the groin. Kicked hard.

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8 years 1 month ago #43759 by warrentug
Hello everyone, I had an interesting morning. I had a BCG treatment three days ago, everything went normal, the usual symptoms after. But today after I got up to use the bathroom my side started to hurt, in 15 minutes it was full blown pain causing me to vomit it hurt so much. I have never had a kidney stone but this was matching the description. I ended up getting a ride to the ER and getting meds and a Cat scan...it showed that my ureter was dilated the full length but not obstructed. Even before they gave me the pain meds the symptoms started to ease up...by the time I got back from the Cat scan I had no pain at all. In total the episode lasted three hours.

My question is has anyone else had this from BCG treatments, if so what caused it? I had forgot to take my antibiotics the day of the procedure but took them the next two days. I also now remember having mild back pain the last two BCG series but it only lasted a little while.

I guess I am wondering if it is a infection thing or a blockage from the clots that caused it. Any ideas or info? I am seeing my Urologist tomorrow and any good questions to ask him would help. Thanks, Warren

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