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Another round of good news! was created by Yosarian Great News again & Again!!& Again
Hello all, 9/23/2012

Just another word of hope for many on this site....I just had another 6 month csyto and NMP and urine cytology and all were terrific! So it has been about 5 1/2 years since being first diagnosed and no re-occurrence! I continue Dr. Lamms protocol. (There is more info in my first year posts)

So I continue to repost these semi annual updates to let you know there is real and certain I do so well remember the fear, dread, and anxiety way back then,,, I didn’t think I would ever again spend a single hour without thinking about BC…now I spend days and even weeks…

I wish all well in their BC wars and hello to Patricia as well as all the others who were so terrific those first dreadful months...I and hope you are all doing as well as can be,,,you are terrific.

And once again thank you to all of you who helped during those first bleak months,,,,you are my hero's!

Best to all;

Your buddy in the BC wars….


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