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blood type diet and cancer?

13 years 5 months ago #3494 by Rosie

I was very invovled in the study of blood and blood factors when I was founder and President of the Rara Blood Club in St. Louis, Mo many years ago. There is much more variety contained in blood than just the usual A, B, AB, O RH positive and RH negative typing. "There are more than 20 genetically determined blood group systems known today, but the AB0 and Rh systems are the most important ones used for blood transfusions." Those who go on the blood type diet and have no additinal factors, antibodies, sub-types etc, it might work but how many of us have had our blood tested to that degree? Also, what type testing did the authors of the book do relative the the subcatgories in the various blood types? I would be very interested to see if there is a corralation in blood types, diseases, mortality and best types of chemo etc. if the blood type were factored in.

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13 years 5 months ago #3483 by Bob_P
Can you tell us more. Sounds interesting.
Bob P

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13 years 5 months ago #3477 by star
Okay any one investigate this theory? going with a blood type diet-I know it has been around but like anything else whom has considered it or pondered it?
I know common sense and healthy eating is a pro but I read the book and peered over several sites and forms. I do not know if going full blown with anything works 100% but maybe finding a balance with more than one resource can not be all that bad?
with bladder cancer avoiding what can truly help beside the smoking factors.
I guess we are never informed fully after a year still learning and obsorbing so much knowledge. thank gosh for web sites such as this.
star ::)

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