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Best Bladder Cancer Hospital

10 years 1 month ago - 10 years 1 month ago #33835 by basscarp
I have had two treatments of BCG in the last 6 months for non-invasive Bladder Cancer. And on Sept. 29th my final biopsi will be performed. Last BCG dose administered 3 weeks ago and I urinate almost constantly 24/7. I wear a condom leg cath during day and larger bag at night. I am sick of my doctor telling me it is only bladder spasms. Peeing every 60 sec. only 1/2 oz is a spasm?? I don't believe it. The hospital I have been using is Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA. Is anyone else peeing every 60 sec. 24 hours straight for 3 weeks??? I think not!
Oh, I pee only every 20 min when I am completly drained of fluid and it is painful. What is the best hospital for B-Cancer in the SouthEast? Thanks, Mike

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