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White blood cells w/no infection and BCG

9 years 10 months ago - 9 years 10 months ago #33510 by basscarp
I have been through (12) BCG treatments and always been told that white blood cells in the urine are a "good" sign because your immune system has kicked in and is fighing off the cancer and BCG vaccine. I have also had two surgerys to remove tumors. My pathology report showed papillary transitional cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma in-situ. I go back in 6 weeks for cisascope and biospy to check for re-occurance.

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9 years 10 months ago #33505 by Patricia
well a couple of things can be going on here. First of all and the easiest is Was it a Clean Catch?
Clean-Catch Sample. A clean-catch sample for UTI depends on a sample free of contaminants normally present at the opening of the urethra (e.g., white blood cells and bacteria unrelated to UTIs). To obtain an untainted urine sample, physicians usually request a so-called midstream, or clean-catch, urine sample. To provide this, the following steps are taken:

Patients must first wash their hands thoroughly, then wash the penis or vulva and surrounding area four times, with front-to-back strokes, using a new soapy sponge each time.
The patient must then begin urinating into the toilet and stop after a few drops.
The patient then positions the container to catch the middle portion of the stream. Ideally, this urine will contain only the bacteria and other evidence of the urinary tract infection.
The patient then urinates the remainder into the toilet.
The patient securely screws the container cap in place without touching the inside of the rim.

Secondly, the presence of a tumor can produce white blood cells so even though the uro thought he got it all there may be some re-seeding going on...just a thought. Have you thought about a second opinion?
How high was the count? That would tell you something also.
Without symptoms of any sort its a puzzler but another sample should be taken. And dehydration can actually cause this and i know prior to receiving BCG you are not supposed to drink anything. So how about suggesting a clean catch in the middle of the day after emptying the bladder and then drinking 32oz of water and see what the kidneys are doing at that particular moment?

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9 years 10 months ago #33504 by Cynthia
I was asked to post this.

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May - has had 2 turb - they say that they got it all - but think that he should have bcg - we went yesterday for the first treatment but urine sample showed white blood cells - this happened before the last turb but showed no infection - the Doctor was very solemn the whole time which he usually is not - he said the urine sample is not good so they did not do the treatment - what could that be if not an infection - has no symptoms of an infection - I feel real uneasy about the bcg he is 70 - has had bypass surgery - 3 year ago - any help that I can get I would so appreciate -

Cynthia Kinsella
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