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I am recently divorced and have met a wonderful woman. I believe we are both interested in pursuing this relationship, but I have not told her about having bladder cancer nor about the BCG treatments. Everything I read has a person who has received BCG being safe 6 weeks after treatment and I am outside of that window by and additional 6 weeks, and not due again until October for another treatment. Before things proceed further, I am going to talk to her about the treatments so that she can be involved in the decision about how we proceed - TB seems to scare people.

Has anybody else handled this the same or is there any other advice? Am I over-thinking this and should just say something before the next treatment if we are still together? I seem to think honesty the best policy, but if there is truly nothing to worry about then why bring it up this early.

Thanks for any comments.


Ross M
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10 years 9 months ago #33086 by Nix
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Hi Ross,
I found this on Webcafe:


Men having this treatment can pass on BCG during sex. To protect your partner from coming into contact with BCG, you should not have sex for 48 hours after each treatment. Use a condom if you have sex at other times during the six weeks of treatment. You should also use a condom for sex for six weeks after treatment has ended.

Hope this helps


Nancy S
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Ross, I think your idea that honesty is best is correct but that doesn't tell you much about how to go about being honest. I like your thinking about you want her involved in the decision making because that indicates strongly you want her to be part of your life. So I would recommend starting with that idea. From now on Bladder Cancer is a part of your life so it is an important issue for a long term relationship.


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