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$$$$$$$$$ drain

13 years 8 months ago #3249 by Bob_P
I think everyone's healing time is different; my cath. came out after three days and led to excruciating urinary/bladder spasms. It went back in for a couple more days (giving my bladder a chance to heal) and then came out again for much less pain.  I even went to work (standing all day) with the cath. and a leg bag. So I was out for 3 days (including surgery day) and the weekend (like Rosemary, I think) and back to work on Monday.  I agree, catheters are uncomfortable but the alternative, in my case, was a lot worse.
Bob P

PS. As far as the $$$$$ aspect: I work for (and am covered by) an HMO so everything is no charge (except for $5.00 copay of course).  I guess I'm a lucky dude (as far as that goes).

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13 years 8 months ago #3222 by bobledrew
Jeez, it seems like a long time to be with a catheter. I've had two TURBTs. With the first one, a more extensive operation removing several lesions, I was catheterized overnight; the second one was VERY minor and I was home the same day with the catheter removed approx. 3 hrs after the surgery.

I would be talking to your urologist about post-treatment protocols, if I were you.

I'd hate to be catheterized for three days.

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13 years 8 months ago #3211 by star
THANKS for your info. I am out every surgery cuz I sit for 3 days with cath then I"heal"
I unload trucks and stock and lift lots so I have been told the 2 wks is not to bleed from the bladder scabs par say. I am so so sorry about your cat and mom.
I hope others will send a note of their $$$ thoughts and the effects on their lives.

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13 years 8 months ago #3210 by Rosemary

I hear you. [smiley=sad.gif]

Financial troubles can seem just as monumental as the physical ones. (If not more)

Why are you out of work for 2 weeks for TUR surgery?  You say your job is "hard".  Is it physically demanding?

My first TUR, I was out for 1 week on Dr's recommendation,  but was ready to go back after 2 days. My sister pressed me to save my sick leave in case I needed it down the road. (RC...)  So, for the second surgery, I scheduled my TUR on a Thursday and was back to work on Monday.  I do have a desk job though.

Do you feel that you really need 2 weeks leave?

I have been blessed to have an AFLAC cancer policy, and it is my intention that if I hit the FIVE YEAR CANCER FREE mark, that I will UP my policy to the highest benefit.

I get $300.00 cash on the barrel for each BCG treatment.  (Not to mention for surgeries, travel, hotels,  second opinions and anesthesia.)  I also got a whopping check just for being diagnosed with cancer....However, this does not mean that I do not have a rather LARGE AND OUTSTANDING hospital bill hanging over my head.  And believe me, it HANGS.

When I was dx'd, I felt compelled to move back home with my Mother in order to free up money and pay my medical costs.  This is both a blessing and a curse.   All of my treasured art and furniture and curtains was donated to the local Church Yard Sale in order to lighten up me up.  I had to give my cat away (as my Mother hates cats), and he soon afterward got sick and died.  I miss him very much. :'(

I believe we will get through this, and life will get better.  Sometimes we just have to hang on.

Hang in there with me, Kid,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 8 months ago #3209 by star
After 1 yr of bc and surgeries/scopes/bcg's/blood work etc... The cost is scary. had any one had to go on disability in order to stay healthy? I am in ny state and every copay and pre-op pay etc.. is so draining. I work in order to keep medical and support for family. Every bcg is $40. I have a hard job but always tired and need to keep benifits for self and family.
I every 3 months am out for 2 wks from tur surgery and use up all my time then apply for temp disability then back to work. This is a great cost and just wonder what other have done with all these cost? If you lose your bladder whom knows if you can work with disability helping? Now add more test and in my case menopause and tests mmm.
I also have reg dr too so I have gone from hardly seeing a dr to so many every month fill me folks on this part of living with bladder cancer and other medical aspects of your life???? Star :-?

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