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Is it 4 TURB's you had this year or were they office fulgerizations/cauterizing? It seems extreme if you had 4 TURB's in the hospital with anesthetic etc. I would think that much cutting from 4 TURB's would cause some discomfort in the bladder, kidney etc. What is your type and grade of bladder cancer? If papillary low grade, you might consider watchful waiting rather than an immediate and repetitive cut and burn procedures.

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The things you mention are some of the biggest problems with bladder cancer and experts are wish that less surveillience was necessary, but till now there are no other options good enough to replace cystoscopy.

Constant treatments, scopes and catheterizations take a toll. It's worse for post-menopausal women whose bladder linings become thin, but thankfully perforation rarely happens.

Some people experience ongoing pain due to the cystos and TURs and it can take many months to subside. That said, I'd look into kidney pain, if I were you.

Some people can't tolerate any BCG at all, and those who manage to get far into maintenance eventually do experience side effects after a while, even if they did not in the beginning. It's tough! Nobody said it was easy.

Why 4 TURBs this year, were they in between BCG treatments? I'm confused.

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has anyone felt any type of pain like a back pain while having BC? Every once and a while I feel like someone kicked me in the right side of my kidney and it last a few days -not stones etc... have to work bent over for at least 2 days then it is better- happens every few months or so many now joke and say yep she is our hunch back.
AND how many times can you actually have bcg before something may be effected?
I have a scope on the 8th 4th one and if not clean 4th round of bcg coming up along with annv date FEb 10th-06 how many surgeries can you truly have before something gives I have had 4 turb's this year and always have the cath for 3 days after. can you go as long as it takes or does your body say nope no more? If you scrape every time the % is greater for the wall to thin???? add menopause and dehydrated from sweating etc.. somedays yep kind of a mess but hey the toilet ie a beautiful thing.

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