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Sorry to be off topic again.

10 years 11 months ago #26953 by Stephany
Britt, that's great news. I hope your sleep study gives them enough data, and that you go home with a plan.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Stephany in Iowa

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10 years 11 months ago #26951 by britt
Due to my general health and the effects of pneumonia, i dont think I had enough time to recover, i had complained at the hospital that i was being realeased too early and didnt feel safe. i was congested the entire time and nothing was coming up. Now since the epide I had suring my test i have gone without a single attack. Im still afraid to sleep and only manage to doze a couple hours in the early morning.
Now me breathing is clearer and I dont feel like i coul;d lock up. I de feel very congested in the throat. I also have terrible larangitis and cant even croak. I am far more relaxed and will give sleep a real effort tonite!
Neuro called me and wants me in tues to evaluate the sleeep study. I hope they got enough data. i slept about 3 hours and my vitals were fine and I didnt wke at all. I may get the CPAP then!

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10 years 11 months ago #26921 by britt
The way my attacks have orrured have been consistant. Each has been witin minutes of awakening. Im croupy and when i cleared my throat all the sudden my lungs immediately locked up. I had the exact same reaction on my last stress test. They gave me andemmison to speed my heart rate. It was 15 min before it abated. the dr said that was a common reaction to the med. While i was at the sleep study I had just taken the mask off for about 6 min to urinate when it happened. Up until this last two events the nebulizer had pulled me right out of it. I had about 4 good ayyacks similar to my first and 1 breathing treatment did the trick.
I just happend upon the staticus asmaticus while looking for something else.
Now I didnt even have incipiant panic when it happened. it didnt strt to dtress untill the breathing stopped.
The put me on trazadone and zoloft this last stay. I askec my nurse about getting counselling. Ive already been treated for PTSD. That was a different form but still hits home. Now its health and hospital related rather than violence. It really effects my sleep. Along with the sleeo apnea waking me up I awkw shaking and have to gey out of the room.
My nurse says that I have too much on the fire at this time and wants to get further tests done before any Psyche work! I know its needed.
Just to mention. After the last MI I spent a year unable to sleep due to unability to breathe prpoerly. If i lost ruthum i would gasp for breath. They finaly got my diagnosis right it was caused bt CHF. Ath that point my ejection fraction was under 15%! When i got on correg it actully went up to 45% last year. now with the new stuff the echo they did in the hospital a few weeks back showed me under 22% now.
I do try to stay as calm as possible but Im still scared of sleep. Mon when i got home i didnt doze off till 530 and slept to 1030 without incident and last night it was from about 6 to 10 and i was OK. On top of sleeping like a baby in the hospital I sould be on the mend. I just dont think I had come back from the pneumonia yet and the compounded fatige was too much. Also I was badly congested when I took the sleep test. I feel much clearer now
Thanks all


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10 years 11 months ago #26920 by Stephany
Britt, Julie makes a good point, too. Getting the anxiety under control could make a big difference. Having lived with panic attacks for several years, I know how disabling they can be. And it doesn't help that any medication for anxiety makes you feel different, so you worry about the side effects of the medication, and then you are more anxious, and there you go again!:S

It sounds as if you've got a pretty good idea that this is contributing to your problem.....do you think you have someone who could help you get this under control? My father has problems with anxiety, and he has never been able to stay with any medication long enough to get help, because he always stops after a few days, thinking it either isn't helping or is causing more problems. You need someone who will listen to you, help you monitor and work through the medication issues, and keep you on track with managing the anxieties. Don't give up.

Perhaps a nurse practitioner who works with psych meds, or a board certified psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders might be able to take the time to give you the help you need. When you can move the major anxieties to the back burner, you can work on the smaller problems.

Stephany in Iowa

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10 years 11 months ago #26919 by wsilberstein
britt wrote:

I had read about something called staticus asmaticus that really hit home and woriies me. The Pulmanry Dr attending me this wekend hadnt heard of it. Its scary the things we find on the internet while lookning for something else!

I don't know why the pulmonologist told you he hadn't heard of "status asthmaticus." Anyone who has ever done a medical or pediatric residency has heard of it and treated it. I suspect your pulmonologist was trying to avoid a discussion or make light of it to get your mind off it.
Don't make it more than it is. Status Asthmaticus is an asthma attack that doesn't break with the bronchodilator medicines used at home requiring emergency treatment and additional medications. As you already know from your own experience difficulty breathing can be serious, but even status asthmaticus is treatable. Don't look at the worst outcomes and think they must apply to you.

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10 years 11 months ago #26896 by Stephany
He wore it at night, and when he napped during the day. He didn't wear it when he was awake, but everytime he slept. I do hope you get some relief, so you can cope better.

Stephany in Iowa

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