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Here I go..

11 years 7 months ago #26208 by britt
All the above is now rendered moot! I was up all night with pulmanary edeema. Many folks with my level of CHF have extreme swelling in the lower extremeties,i.e feet and calves. In my case it becomes manifest in my abdomen around the diaphragm. In that case its like I heve a super tight girdle on that keeps my lungs from going in and out. In that case, sleep is not in the cards. I can onlly lay on my back for a minute or so before I bolt upright gasping. To top it off, I went out to get my wallet from the car. I barely made it back in. I had to clear my throat and had an instant astma attack. I made it to the nebulizer and within 3 minutes i was greatly relieved. The deal breaker was the fact that symyomatic asthma will trigger a severe breathing problem no matter what med is used as it will cause the bronchial tubes to constrict!
Because of all this I ended up cancelling my stress test. Besides being dead on my feet from lack of sleep over tha past few days, I still cant lay on my back for over a minute without having to sit up. The test requires me to lie still, flat on my back for almost 40min while the Gamma cameracircles around me taking oictures. They do that twice. Once with the heartaccelerated and then 3 hours later at rest.
The evel receptionist read me the riot act and tried to refuse to reschedule. She finally put me down for 7/27. Thats going to really throw a monkey wrench into the cysto schedule!

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11 years 7 months ago #26206 by britt
Pat if you are talking about the breathing problems from the stress test, its the med they use to accelerate the heart that is the culprit. One side effect is bronchio constriction. Then the panic attacks set inas a result of being unable to breathe. its as if your lungs were filled with concrete. Its impossible to even move a teaspoon of air in and out at a time. then the panic attc sets in causing the attempt to hyperventillate which really compounds the problem.
Ive had 8 stress tests previous to when I had the problem. Never had an issue. Most folks get a real heaadache when the plinge the med in. They usr the electtronic plunger to slowly push it thru the IV. It takes over a minute to get it all in you. Im just praying that Im still tolerant of the pld med they used. Thats what Im to get today!

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11 years 7 months ago #26202 by Patricia
oops..sorry my bad. i thought that was one of the drugs for panic attacks which it is but apparently not for you. 2mg a big dose for a first time user......same thing happened to me only i just passed out for l0 hrs.

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11 years 7 months ago #26198 by britt
Pat, what about ativan? I am unable to take it by IV even in small doses. When I had my debacle at the VA, they kept me in a coma for over a week on a 2% ativan drip. Coming out ou it I went thru seizures. Since that time I have zero tolerance for it. It causes instant blackout and abherent behavior! The gave me some at the VA a couple years ago after being told not to. I awoke in a 4 pt retraint 2 days later. They said I attacked the nurse and tried to run away!
If I do have a procedure requiring a twillight med I get versed. Thats also an instant black out for me but they say Im resposive during a cath or when I had my endoscopy.
I talked to the nurse at the uro. She said the new game plan will be a full general same as last time.

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11 years 7 months ago #26197 by Patricia
Brett...what about the Ativan...will you be allowed to take it ahead of time. I hope they know all your meds?

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11 years 7 months ago #26196 by britt
Long day on Thur. I have my stress test starting at 11am. The test is in 2 components and there is a break of over 2 hours in the middle. On the break Ill get my blood wor and chest XRAY done and the do an EKG before the tests.
Im a bit worried. The last stress they gave me andenosine to speed up my heart(I cant do the treadmill). This has a serious side effec where it paralyzyes the chest to where I couldnt draw a breath. It happens a lot and only lasts for 15 min but that time is a living hell! I was crying for help. It triggers a panic attack wich causes huffing and puffing . I really thought I would die! I had the exact same symptoms 2 months ago for a COPD/Asthma attack. That time I thought it was permanant and wanted to die it was so dreadful.
They are giving me a different med tomorrow but I pray that Ill be OK.
This will satisfy all my prsurgical needs and I sould be good to go as soon as the results are all in.

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