Anti-depressants and the Bladder!

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Good detective work on your part, this could be important. However, switching antidepressant medication can be a tough thing, so be sure to consult an expert (psych?) before changing, tapering or stopping. Sometimes Prozac is given alongside the drug you're tapering to lessen the side effects of stopping an antidpressant.

I speak from experience. Not all antidepressants are alike, some are easier than others to come off of. I suppose you've seen this info?
Before having any kind of surgery involving the use of general anesthesia, tell your doctor or dentist that you are taking Anafranil. You may be advised to discontinue the drug temporarily.

When it is time to stop taking Anafranil, do not stop abruptly. Your doctor will have you taper off gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, fever, general feeling of illness, headache, high fever, irritability or worsening emotional or mental problems, nausea, sleep problems, vomiting.

Good luck with things,

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Hi Folks

Just wondering. Steve has been on Anafranil now for clinical depression for 7 years. He is fine, the drugs have made sure of that - except the recent diagnosis of BC has slightly rocked his boat! Actually, his reaction when he found out was - 'well the depression was far more scarier that this'! Anyway up, I have checked out this drug and it is, in addition to being an anti-dep, is prescribed to kids with night time bedwetting problems since it causes the bladder to hold onto urine for longer - or so to speak. So, would I be right in thinking that Steve has not been emptying his bladder as often as normal as the drug acts to prevent regular peeing!! Obviously, I need to speak to his Uro about this but it is interesting nonetheless. I am encouraging to drink loads of water - something he finds hard to do - in order to get him to pee more and flush the bladder out. But, if the tablets are causing problems with the bladder would it better to seek a way to come off them - not easy I know?


GP aware of haematura in Jan 06
Diagnosed BC Nov 06
T1G3 with CIS
Age 46, Smoked since 15, gave up at diagnosis

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