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Cysto question.

11 years 7 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #24632 by britt
It just seems like they dont care at VA. I had cancelled y consult several times as they kept scheduling me eith the PA. This time the tech. promised me the dr! We get in there and its like we never had the coverstaio! She told me you never get to see the dr as he is so over booked he has surgey every day. That scares me. There is only one dr to handle all the urology case that come in. These are all major issues as they dont do sexual dysfunction(except where it has another effect like the prostrate). With all the new paitients they are picking up the VA is litteraly swamped. I dont feel comfortable with one dr to handle all the surgical cases as well as consults, treatments and followups!. Also when I saw him brieflt he was chomping away on gum. They dont allow that in the ER do they? After gettting a bad case of MRSA at the VA in 02 Im very paranoid. It reminded me of a young girl who did my last EKG. SHe was smacking her gum so loud it hurt my ears. I just pray that because I have so many health problems that I can get him to outsource me.
Thanks for all the input folks
I did ask about the numbing agent for the cysto that was scheduled/ I mentioned the horrible pain and aske that if the agent was used it would be enough to numb my protsrate. He told me that I did recieve the numbing agent the last time The woman that did the procedures always used it beforw starting. I sure dont remember it. My hope is that after the previous cysto and having had both the probe and the cath go in it might opened me up enough to have the test work this time. I had such horrible bladder spasms while the cath was in that I exppected it toreally hurt comming out and cause painfule urination. I remember my first cath. It was done while I was out after my heartattack. for over a week it was like passing razor blades. And that was just a small cath.

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11 years 7 months ago #24626 by Alan
The only extra comment I would make... when dealing with cancer and even as minor a TURB is I would still want a MD not PA. I had a partial torn rotator cuff that was diagnosed via xray & imaging that aPA was able to help with a steroid shot and therapy via PT. If it had gone any further I would have insisted trhe MD. Sounds like you are on the way to that. Keep this board posted. Lots of people with more knowledge and experince than me!

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11 years 7 months ago #24620 by britt
After fighting with my wife for 3 days over my agreeing to let the VA do a cysto the advocate finally called us back. I put the call in as soon as we got home from the appt. on Monday
I explained the situation about not seeing the Dr after canceeling the visit 3X rather than see the PA. I told her about his attitude over my missing records. SHe hit the roof. I had already contaced the advocates office about the dr I saw disappearing and my having no access to the treatment records. The advocate called me to say that they were able to get the records for me. The fact that were dealing with cancer and the PA couldnt care about what has already been done.
She promised me that the records would be in urology by the end of the weeek and cancelled the cysto until after a consult with the regular Dr.

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11 years 7 months ago #24579 by britt
One other thing is bothering us about the visit with the PA yeaterday. I have never seen a pathology repot. I saw where someone was anxiously awaiting theirs and wonder wht they dont consider it to be important? His game paln is not to worry what has happened as much as what we finr on the next cysto. Does this seem acceptable?

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11 years 7 months ago #24562 by britt
I was taking to many meds when I was discharged. Do to the horrible spasms I was having they loaded me up. Im OK with vallium but just cant do atavan(it causes a blackout and abherant behaviors) They gave me cipro(whacih can cause blackouts), uripas(the same)along with the vallium. I think the valium might at least relax me before the cysto,

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11 years 7 months ago #24560 by mmc

I'm not sure what you can take given all of the other meds you are on but you might want to ask about some valium or something similar prior to the procedure because it is clear that you have a lot of anxiety about the procedure (given your last experience). You need to ask about that now so you can get whatever they prescribe and take them ahead of time so they have time to work before you arrive.

Also, tell them to make sure they allow the gel time to work before starting the cysto.

Finally, I'm not an expert but I think the scope is a bit smaller than the catheter so maybe having the catheter before will help you now. That's just my recollection.

Good luck on the procedure! Let us know how it goes.
...and as someone else already mentioned, have someone drive you there and home afterwards.


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