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star i know how it feels i had a tur on 2-20-06  i stoped smoken on 28-09-05 i started seeing blood  in piss on 12-29-05 went to the hop. that day took all the test they thought i was going to die from hi blood pis .  they did a cat scan- two akg, blood test then two weeks later they did scop look whoooo fond tumor then surregy now on 4-11-06 i start 6 weeks of bcg lets hope it works .dude its easy too stop smoken just stop i did just dont do it  dont buy no more smokes and you will save 5 bucks at a time . +++++++++++++++++++++++ your life i love ya be good it must get better for us.
ps. my dr said i could go back too work after two weeks i did not go back too work for three weeks because i work as a plumber alot of hard work. and when i did put on a wc seat it hurt my bladder and i pissed blood and clots o man it was bad but today it seems too be ok 3-17-06 good luck too us all ;) ;) 8-) 8-)

Bill H
dob 4-19-1955
Live in
Plumber 1972----forever
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Read my post today  and all the other s lots of info. I think you have a lite case if Doc says just hang out. I would ask docters staff for a pathology report. Don

Hanging in there!

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A T1 can be treated with a bladder saving techniqe. Do you know what grade tumor it is.
if it is high grade you need to be carefull. Also You need to get another
opinion. I was diognosed Jan 3, 2006. I have gotten 3 opinions. also you need to learn all you can
about BC so you can make informed decisions. I know about the stress you are going thru. I have thought of
little else but my condition since Jan 3rd. I have trouble functioning, but it is getting better as time goes by.
Hang in there. Remeber you are not alone, there are others going through the same thing. This site is
very helpfull also. Good place to get info on BC.


Age 59
DX Jan 2006 - T1B G3
RC - Neobladder June 2006

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after tumor is out was created by star
I am wondering with stage 1 the treatment. My dr is on vacation and I have to sit here for 6 weeks after my tumor was removed and my blood loss was 1/3 . I got the cath out Mon. and slowly am easing that issue of going.{I had three from 9:30 am to 9PM}
I have done some my own research and the dr is doing another scope in march but no treament has been spoken of is this normal??? I did not get cancer cells in my wall but he said we are not out of the woods yet. I went in last fri for mm blood in urin-well clumps and clumps to waking up with bladder cancer and the word tumor etc.. I have been told no work etc...{I work 4 jobs} to no smoking that was a given after last fri night. to a few cups of coffee froms pots that I drink to just sitting and thinking about this and a smoke.  I am a tad  freaked that I will smoke till my reg. DR. sees my next week. This is beyond hard compared to the Cancer word truly for me it is. I do not think I have absorbed this whole thing that has taken over in just one weekend. ANYONE SEND IMPUT OR OTHER AREAS TO UNDERSTAND. I am doing the "keep your mind busy" things but not being able lift /vaccum/ work/or basically anything par say. adds strain while  straved of coffee and smokes -If I was working or other your busy and it helps to releave the tesion of time but at home 24hrs at home gosh I will crack from something here.      [smiley=undecided.gif]      

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