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BCG side effects? Need Help!

11 years 10 months ago #23224 by Patricia
BCG can most certainly cause those effects......copy Lamms article and this one for your uro......or get another uro.....
You need treatment right now for this

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11 years 10 months ago - 11 years 10 months ago #23222 by Moonerj
Hi Cynthia
I have copied this from Dr. Lamm's BCG reports from www.bcgoncology.com/drlamm/
I am no expert and am not sure if this applies. But it does mention joint swelling and inflammation of the eyes.

Complications of BCG
BCG is expected to cause mild burning with urination and increased frequency of urination, and may cause mile flu-like symptoms. Patients who are prone to arthritis may have increased joint stiffness, and even pain and swelling. With repeated treatment there is a risk that the bladder may decrease is size.
Fever actually is associated with an improved response to BCG, but it can herald a BCG infection. Fever and chills should be treated promptly with combination antibiotics that are effective against BCG. On rare occasion serious, even life threatening infection can occur. BCG can infect the lungs, liver, bone, and even circulatory system (heart and arteries). Inflammation of the eyes can occur.

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11 years 10 months ago #23221 by Cynthia
A lady sent this to me and asked me to post it for her can we share any like experiences?

Hi, I would like to post a question and see if anyone can help me with what is going on in my body. On 10/3/08 I was diganosed with Stage 1 Gr 3 CIS. They removed large tumor from my bladder with no muscle invasion. Had 3 BCG treatments with little to no complications. On my 4th - I noticed alot of pain with the insert/removed of the cath. But just dealt w/it. That was on Thur 12/11/08- the following Wed. 12/17/08 I woke up with inflammation of both eyes, and a sore left wrist - I thought might be a cold. I woke up next day to both eyes matted shut, very severe pain in my left wrist (had to hold it close to body). Went to Urg care-they gave me brace for wrist and drops for eyes. The next day the eyes got worst, the pain in the wrist very bad and now my right knee had become inflammed and hard to walk on. To Make a long story short - It finally effected both knees, left wrist, I am still wearing dark glassed my eyes are still blurry. When I called my Urologist the nurse said the doctor did not think it was connected to the treatments- however the doctors at urgent care thouht it was. Over the weekend the pain became unbearable, cld my urogolist he was gone - another doctor called me back and said he did not believe it was caused by BCG - the I should wait until Monday and see a Nero surg. Anyway today is 12/28/08 and I am have to use a walker at time, still have a brace on my wrist and losing my will daily. I do have another appt tommorrow with my md - he would like to get to the bottom of this also. Can you tell me if anyone else has experienced this? I really appreciate some advice at this point.
Any response will help, my husband and I are at our witts end. Thank you so much!

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