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A Canadian checking in

11 years 8 months ago #22101 by suzi
Lady Jane,
Welcome to our great cafe, I wish u didn't got this stupid tumors again ,I was in Canada when first diagnosed, thanks God I moved to states later my nurse was great I never felt with cath , actually I have deal with tow nurses both was great .
Hope u will be clear soon

Be strong and don't give up.
a warrior

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11 years 8 months ago #22096 by Cynthia
Lady Jane Welcome to our web family. You will find a lot of great people here going through the same sort of thing you are. Do you know what grade your pathology shows for you TCC?

Cynthia Kinsella
T2 g3 CIS 8/04
Clinical Trial
Chemotherapy & Radiation 10/04-12/04
Chemotherapy 3/05-5/05
BCG 9/05-1-06
RC w/umbilical Indiana pouch 5/06
Left Nephrectomy 1/09
President American Bladder Cancer Society

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11 years 8 months ago #22095 by Lady Jane
Greetings fellow superficial survivors.

I am SO happy to have stumbled upon this website. I found it on a Facebook Group wall posting. And just in time I might add.:S

In less than a week I go for my 5th TUR. I have been so tense these last few weeks since my last cysto that my shoulder are like knots. I am dreading the surgery but more so I am dreading another round of BCG and then monthly maintenance.:(

After my 3rd TUR my Uro put me on a 5 week instillation of BCG. Less than 6 weeks later I was passing blood so went for a cysto the next day. Sure enough 3 more tumours. (<-- thats how we spell it here in Canada) ;)
A few weeks later I had another round of 5 BCG's.

I had a wonderful summer at my cottage in Prince Edward Island ( any Anne of Green Gable fans here?) but my follow up cysto on Sept. 30th showed more tumours.:huh:

So Nov 5th I have surgery. He keeps me overnight and runs an irrigation system for about 18 hours.

I'll probably start BCG , 6 weeks this time, near mid-December ( just in time for my b'day and C'mas) :angry: followed by monthly maintenance for I don't know how long. Maybe a year?

I haven't had much reactions to BCG except being tired and spasms but its the cath that I dread. Of the 5 nurses that rotate, all but one are great. However I have decided that this time I am going to consult with the head nurse to try not to get that one nurse who doesn't do a cath very well. During my other 2 rounds I had her twice and each time I cried myself silly for the day. Its all in her technique.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share my story and I look forward to getting to know you all.B)

Ta Grade 1
15 BCG
dx Jan 07

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