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BCG and dealing with catheter pain

12 years 3 weeks ago #19519 by DIB

1. Ask doc or nurse to use smaller diameter catheter than whatever they have been using. My BCG nurse says she went to a smaller diameter catheter for all her BCG patients awhile ago because less discomfort. Only downside is that it takes another minute or two for BCG mixture to gravity drain from the vial.

2. For my cystos and BCGs, nurse first does numbing gel on tip of penis, waits 10-15 seconds, then uses some sort of small diameter plastic device to insert more numbing gel a few inches into penis, leaves room for maybe 5 minutes, then comes back and routes the catheter in. Very slight weird feeling but little discomfort. I have BCG tomorrow morning and will ask for name of gel or if that type of numbing procedure has a name and will let you know.

3. What's with this "needle" reference? Given how easy my numbing and cath is, why let anyone near you with a needle unless you have some specific issue or anatomy that makes cath difficult.

Again, ask for smaller diameter cath to start plus numbing gel.

Will let you know what my nurse uses (diameter of catheter and gel). She is the only uro nurse who does BCG in group of 12 uro docs and she does 5-10/day, 4 days per week. Has bee doing this for 2+ years.


Male Dx T1G3 5/08 @ Age 59. TURBT 5/08; TURBT+40 mg MMC 6/08; BCG (6) 7/08-8/08; Cysto & TURBT 9/08; BCG Maint(3) 10/08, 3/09; 7/09; 11/09; 5/10; & 1/11. Clean cystos 2/09, 9/09, 3/10, & 10/10.

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12 years 3 weeks ago #19515 by js219
Hi all, I'm new here and I have been reading posts for a couple of weeks. I had my first BCG treatment last Friday and it was much more painful than I was expecting. I don't want to freak anybody out who may be reading this and getting ready to have their first treatment because I know everyone is different. Is there anything I can ask the doctor to do to try and make it less painful? I've read some posts about a numbing gel, which I'm sure my doctor did not use. He did put some kind of pink stuff and the end of my penis for a half a minute or so, but there was no gel. Is this something I should ask for? I can tell you now that the thought of a needle is WAY too much for me to deal with right now, so that option is out. What is the name of the gel some of you have mentioned so I can ask about it specifically? I like my doctor on a personal level, but he does tend to rush. Would slowing down help? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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