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First Poke and Peep

12 years 2 months ago #18741 by suzi
yeah ,you right .same I am always worry about what Doctor going to tell me and believe me it's like a gift from GOD when he smiles and say perfect .see you after three month .I go and celebrate .it is hard to stay thinking about that
but it's our destiny .
feel good and be optimistic .

Be strong and don't give up.
a warrior

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12 years 2 months ago #18718 by liz
I do understand about going in for thoose cysto's, no fun. After dealing with this for now 5 years, I have had my 1 st reoccurance a few months ago. They were able to pluck it off, and they had told me if they were to scrape it possiblilty of losing control of my bladder( this freaked me out a bit)
The plucking was successful. I am starting to get tense when going in for the cysto's, my Dr always says she tolerates it well in his report. But nerves are shot thinking of the instruments they use, I only get the numbing jell.
I just got a script to take before the cysto, so I will see how this goes.
I wasn't able to use it yet cause I had to have a procedure (to check my ureters) because the cat scan of the bladder wasn't so clear.
I am happy to say it was all clean. So another 3months and back to the Dr.

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12 years 2 months ago #18659 by Nix
Great news, Slabman! Thanks for posting the results. I had my third, and last, BCG maintenance yesterday, but I did ck to see how your cysto results were.
Are you doing the maintenance now?
Nix aka NancyS

Nancy S
dx Ta 11/06
dx Ta CIS 10/07

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12 years 2 months ago #18653 by tommyt
I can tell you that even after 15 BCG treatments, 6 cystos, and a "BCG caused" inflated PSA number resulting in a negative prostate biopsy, I am still apprehensive when it's time for another poke n' peek (which I will be having again on July 17). Prehaps it is the nature of BC to reoccur that makes our minds constantly aware of further test and the dread of those tests. On the other hand, it's not a bad thing to always be aware of what could come and always be vigil. If it was done and over, this great,new site would be vacant.

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12 years 2 months ago #18616 by slabman
WHEW! :woohoo: I feel like the warden just came in and commuted my sentence. Had the cysto this afternoon and all looks good. This Margarita tastes sooooo good!

For those of you still facing that first one, I thought I'd offer a little perspective. The scope used is not unlike what a plumber might use to check plumbing, but a little smaller of course. :dry: A little light on the end of the probe, which swivels and bends at the tip so he can get a good look-see. I watched the thing penetrate by looking at his little color monitor and could see it going down the "pipe", so to speak, and then entering the bladder. The bladder walls were still a little reddish, likely a result of the BCG he said....and the tumor removal. The area where he removed a golf ball-sized tumor 3 months ago had a couple pieces of skin dangling, probably bladder wall material, along with some signs of skin healing. All in all, he didn't see anything of concern and "finally" pulled the thing out. The time doing the looking was only about a minute. Some blood afterward and a little pain/discomfort, but overall I think a pretty trouble-free procedure.

So if you have that initial poke and peep upcoming, understand that you will be very apprehensive prior, but after the procedure and if all goes well, you'll be celebrating like I am. Now where'd I put that bottle of Tequila?

T1 G3
Age 66
DX April 2008
TURB April 2008
Last BCG (#15) April 2009

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12 years 2 months ago #18615 by Winndixie
:whistle:Who knows what works for whom!! I have been accused of living in "La-La Land" and blocking out negative thoughts---works for me. I considered myself extremely healthy, and was blown away by my BC diagnosis in 2005. I obsessed over research (love this site) and learned everything I could about prognosis, treatments and percentage of recovery. I've acknowledged BC as part of my life now, but still freak out when it's time THE NEXT APPOINTMENT. BC is always in the BACK of my mind and I consider myself among the lucky ones!

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