dealing with post-cystoscopy pain during urination

17 years 1 week ago #2209 by Mike


Why pain?

I always say of flexis they are so simple they are like shelling peas it is only afterwards it is like peeing shells!

Seriously I have had loads of flexi checks, several flexi ops without an anasthetic and several rigid ops with epidural.

Why do you get PAIN?
Something is wrong!
Either they are failing to use addequate lubrication as they introduce the scope or they are introducing it too rapidly in either case they will cause minor tears in the inner surface of the urethra - it they are too brutal they could also traumatise or damage the sphincture muscle between the urethra and the bladder.

There may be pain or serious discomfort as they burn the cancer away or during meat welding but usually the site is not on a nerve in the bladder which seem fairly well spaced! If it hurts as one knows exactly the cause - I find I can cope with the pain as a tradoff for going home in an hour ;)

After the procedure yes it can be sore urinating, particularly after an epidural and rigid [well it is quite large :( ] After the cath has been removed it may hurt to urinate for 2 or 3 days but it sure beats having bladder cancer! Drink lots more water and keep flusing the system. If you can't cope then ask the urology department for a syringe or two of the antiseptic lube [whatever brand they use] You can then insert the dispenser into the urethra and administer adequate to coat the walls of the urethra before and after urination thereby reducing the 'peeing shells' effect and also acceleration of healing of the abrasions.

I submit my comments probably also pertain to BCG but having only had mytomicinC I can not comment accurately.

I have never had a urinary problem from urology treatment that lasted more than 3 days after cath removal.

Specifically to Rosemary, when you state pain in urination is this urethral or globally bladder pain. If the latter then I think the suggestion above may help, if the latter ask your urologist if you can have bicarbonate of soda PILLS as this reduces the acidity of the urine, which may help, as does drinking far more neutral [water] fluids.

I hope this helps.

Greg L-W.

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17 years 1 week ago #2203 by Mike
My husband had no sedation before the scope (except the Lidocaine gel) or after. He didn't even flinch during the procedure. This was his first one and they didn't do a biopsy because he is on anti coagulation therapy). I stated in another post that I stayed with him during the procedure and I found it amazing.

With a procedure such as a Cysto I would imagine the pain level during and after depends on many variables. If the doc is a gentle type vs. a brut, if they take a quick peek or if the dilly dally, if the subject.....yes, that would be you tense or taking a valium "nap".......

The only problem with using a narcotic for the type of pain you describe is that it isn't as effective as something taken for the direct problem (burning sensation ).........systemically however it will dull other senses to make the whole situation more tolerable.

You know your body and your pain level.........sometimes the trick is translating that to the doc so they listen!

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17 years 1 week ago #2197 by mankoff
I don't even bother with my urologist. He does what he does well, but I've begun to do my own research on pain and get my internist to give me whatever prescription i need beforehand. Up to now I've simply taken vicodin and that's been fine for 4 years, but the last two times perhaps the biopsy was a little more invasive and I felt lots of burning for 2-3 days and the vicodin didn't help. My uro then suggested uristat, but probably the pain was subsiding already by that time so I didn't get a chance to evaluate its performance from day 1. Next time I'll take percocet which apparently is a bit stronger than vicodin and try either uriststat or pyridium more likely since it is prescription---though OTC in Canada. Does that make sense? In any case it seems that's all there is so I'll have to deal.

Has you husband ever had cystoscopy with conscious sedation? That's what i awareness at all...ideal way.

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17 years 1 week ago #2196 by Mike
I hear ya Milt

Pyridium may be a bit stronger than the Uristat hence the prescription. Neither Pyridium or Ditropan are controlled substances or narcotics so it would be worth asking your doc if you can try something new after your next 'scope".

My husband says he starts to feel uncomfortable right before it is time for the next dose (he is taking both of them three times a day). He did not experience any discomfort after his in office cysto. They did use the Lidocaine gel.

Just a bit of advice (from someone who works in the healthcare system!) call your doctors office before your procedure and tell him up front what you would like to try to deal with the discomfort after the procedure. That way if they are presciptions, they can be ready and waiting for you the day you go to your appoinment. Sometimes we forget to ask for such things from the anxiety and stress of the appoinment. It will be one less thing to worry about!

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17 years 1 week ago #2195 by mankoff
It is an analgesic sold OTC. It might be as effective or not. My situation is, thus far, not in the class of others on this site. I just thought that patients often know more than doctors about pain control since the former don't prioritize it and I'd like to be well-armed for my next cystoscopy. Milt

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17 years 1 week ago #2194 by Mike
Hi Milt. I am new to all of this bladder stuff myself. My husband is the one affected not myself.

Pyridium is a urogesic which is more for the pain, burning and sensation of urgerncy.

Ditropan is an antispasmodic which helps with bladder spasms. It relaxes the muscles in the bladder.

So I guess if you were looking to reduce the burning sensation you should ask your doc about the Pyridium.

I'm not familiar with Uristat......sorry.

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