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A Good Sense of Humor Helps!

13 years 8 months ago #1712 by wendy
You're so right about the stupid comments people make when they learn you have cancer...and the stories about their grandmother who died of it, or a friend or friend or a friend who died...people change the subject and don't let you talk, don't want to listen.

One of the most blunt remarks ever made to me went like this, I said, "I don't feel like I'm dying or anything" and the reply was "NOT YET!"

Another one: I said "I don't feel sick", the reply, "Well YOU ARE."

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13 years 8 months ago #1708 by SurferNYC2006
Bladder Cancer - and everything about it - is a nuisance! I don't have a day go by that the thought of cancer does not cross my mind. However, I think keeping a good sense of humor is very important. Anyone who has had cancer can tell you that PEOPLE ARE STUPID - the questions people ask when you have cancer are unbelievable. Why get upset or offended, consider how humorous some of these stupid remarks actually are, just because they are so ridiculous. If you take them to heart, it will just bring you down. Here are some comments I have had from the STUPID people out there, at work and out in public:

1- "Wow, you still look the same. I thought you would look skinny and have no hair."
2- "You're taking the day off again tomorrow? Pulling that cancer card again?"
3- "Do you think you will die?" (Why, you want my parking space?)
4- "My friend had cancer and died." (Thanks, that story helped!)
5- "My brother's dog had cancer and ..." (dude, I am not a dog!)
5- "You have cancer? You should watch that Queen Latifah movie." (You're an idiot, you should watch Dumb and Dumber!)
6- "If cancer make you lose weight like that, give me some." (hey babe, you don't want this diet!)
7- "I bet your wife is upset that you have cancer." (Uh, ya think?)
8- "Can you get a prescription for marijuana?"
9- "Chemotherapy can't be that bad. You get to lie down for awhile." (Yeah, it's just a relaxing nap.)
10- "Do you think our company's medical plan premium will go up because you have cancer?" (I'm sorry, would my death be more convenient for you?)

Anyone else have any ridiculous comments to share?

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