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I have good news

12 years 1 month ago #16834 by balihigh
I thank all of you for your suggestions. The support we get and give to each other is essential in this fight. As I said in my first post, this site has given we much moral support along with the knowledge to realize that we can win. I think that just knowing that others are experiencing the same emotions that comes with a cancer diagnosis helps.
Thank you,

female 60
1/08 dx 4 tumors TURB
T1 G3
12 BCG + interferon
5/08 another tumor/TURB
9/08 RC illieal conduit

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12 years 1 month ago #16791 by Julie
Balihigh, Congratulations on your good news. I think we all would like to stay cancer free. I know many people who are drinking green tea and eating healthier meals than they have prior to cancer. We have also switched to filtering all our drinking water as I found that a byproduct of chlorination is implicated in causing bladder cancer. Obesity has been mentioned in the press lately as correlating with higher incidents of cancer. To prevent diabetes, heart disease, and cancer it is a good idea to a balanced diet. I also buy a lot more organic food products to help reduce the amount of pesticides that we get with our food. There is still a lot we don't know about causes of cancer. Julie

Volunteer Coordinator

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12 years 1 month ago #16787 by mznoregrets
Hi and Way to Go!

Please know right off that I am NOT instigating a hot topic, however, I do want to share my experience in re nutritional therapy.

In Dec 07 Mayo discovered a bone met in my hip. In Jan 08 I started seeing a naturopath who suggested I take an array of supplements which I proceeded to do. In March my new Drs at Northwestern could not state that I conclusively have metastatic spread. I am NOT saying I have been cured or that my changes in my films are 100% clean, but something did change. After the last staging I went back to the nutritional therapy as I feel it helped in my case.

Zach does make some very valid points...Quackery does exist. The website he verifies with is a good one. Many scams are out there and they have no scruples preying upon cancer patients. Moderation is also a healthy practice. Zach has everyones best interests at heart and I too have benefitted from his expressed views.

As I am sure most of us have experienced - well meaning friends have inundated me with all the latest "miracle cures" - I believe at one time I had 6 copies of Treadaus (sp) books in the house. Personally, I go to MD Andersons alternative therapy pages to see what they have to share from researching various claims. The latest one was IP-6. They have studied it and have issued info and graded the product as a "B" - there is something to it. I have made a nearly 100% switch to certified organic foods - makes sense that chemicals are bad for us. And I also cut out the majority of refined sugars in my diet. As much as I would like to believe this is the cure, or that the cure is out there, I do believe many peices of the cancer cure are floating around out there. Caution and common sense are a must when considering any claim for sure fire cure.

I get all my labs, CTs and MRIs done next week and will get the results June 6th. As we all do - I pray for health and try my best to be healthy. And I pray all day long too :)

Again, I reiterate that I am NOT trying to instigate or alienate or denigrate any view. I have the uttmost respect for everyone here who is facing bladder cancer and the beliefs they hold - including myself. I simply am sharing my experience and contributing it to a pertinent thread. Please consider my 2 cents to be just that.

God Bless, Holly

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12 years 1 month ago #16771 by momof4

Congrats on you FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Wishing and Hoping for your continued success...


Caregiver for my Wonderful Husband Angelo, who has Metastatic Bladder Cancer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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12 years 1 month ago #16769 by balihigh
Wow!!! I really didn't mean to start such a controversial topic. I actually was only wanting to celebrate my good news that I am cancer free on my first scope but realize that I am no way out of the woods. I have read several books and lots on the internet but I think what I am doing is quite conservative and am not packing my bags for Mexico. The melatonin I am taking was recommended by my doctor and the probiotics I learned about from Dr. Lamm and this website. I haven't taken his vitamins because of some of the posts others have made about complications. Otherwise I am just trying to eat healthier, worry less, and keep up with my exercise although the BCG treatments have caused me to tire much easier. I only mentioned the sugar because I had gotten into the habit of eating desert after every meal. Now I am trying to limit it to once or twice a week. When I say trying, I am oftened tempted to cheat and thinking that it will help me fight this cancer helps. I agree with Sara Anne that moderation is best and not deny yourself of everything. I appreciate your concern and words of advice. Yes I know people will spend their savings on pipe dreams and I have no intention of doing that but I feel better when I am taking an active role in my treatment. I am the kind of person that feels they need some control. I can't leave it all in the hands of my doctor. Again, I do appreciate your concern and we all need positive reenforcements in this battle. That is why I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

female 60
1/08 dx 4 tumors TURB
T1 G3
12 BCG + interferon
5/08 another tumor/TURB
9/08 RC illieal conduit

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12 years 1 month ago #16753 by sara.anne
We all would like to know WHY we ended up with blc and we want something positive that we can do that we KNOW will "cure" us. Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to either. Interesting side note about fruit. My brother, when a child, had a condition where the doctor wanted to limit his access to sugar for a time. My mom told the doctor "he doesn't eat sugery desserts....all he eats is fruit!" The doctor laughed and showed my mom how much sugar an orange contains, for example. Why is fruit sweet?

I, like many others, have adopted the stance that moderation in all things is the key.

Lots of good wishes to you and I recommend you take Zach's advice seriously. There is a lot of good information out there, but there is also an abundance of quackery and people trying to make a quick buck on our hopes.

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
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