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My Doctor gave us good news after a second Tur

12 years 8 months ago #13319 by Gene Beane
Sodapop , I too would be cautious, invasive then NOT?? Its conflicting, once it has invaded, its there, I wish I could just say great, but my recommendation is to have another opinion, be sure,,take care Ginger

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12 years 8 months ago #13304 by Rosemary
Dear Sod,

Thanks for keeping us posted. I am eagerly awaiting to hear what the oncologist has to say about this. I know you must be anxious....

Just remember that IF it comes to the point where the Doctor says the bladder has to go, that there are many here who have lived successfully, happily and cancer free beyond this point.

Good luck and waiting to hear...

Your Bud,

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12 years 8 months ago #13302 by Mike
Hi Rosemary, the second one says it was high grade invasive cancer, present in the muscle bundles but not the muscle wall,they just told us that yesterday. I have a call in to my oncologist to see if he has any answers for us.

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12 years 8 months ago #13237 by Zachary

on one hand I would like to go with good report and just be happy, but Id like to be more sure

Please, please don't just go with the good report. What Warren says is great advice--have your first turb results looked at by a bladder cancer specialist at a major cancer center.

There is no way to put a good spin on muscle-invasive bladder cancer, but believe me, you'll be happier *knowing* your situation and all the ramifications and treatments options than you will be *hoping* your "good news" turb was the correct one. I--and everyone here--hope that the "good news" version is the right diagnosis, but make sure one way or the other.

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12 years 8 months ago #13236 by mznoregrets

I must agree with swilberstein. My first TURB show high grade into the deep muscle (stage 2). The 2nd TURB (done by a Univerity surgeon) found low grade and no high grade. 4 weeks later i had my RC/neobladder surgery. Pathology found it was thru the bladder wall. My point being - you need to be sure...
If it were me, I would get the slides to a major cancer center to be read. I would ask the following questions?
1. What grade
2. Does the specimen include margins and deep muscle? (My 1st TURB came back T2 only because they exhausted the material - no clean margins) This will help keep from understaging.
There are variants and types of bladder cancer that are more difficult to get accurate staging, as was mine. More than anything - you need accurate staging and grading to make smart choices.
God bless, Holly

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12 years 8 months ago #13234 by wsilberstein

no the second turb found no cancer in the muscle. The first lab that saw muscle invasive tumor was done with the specimen from the tumor of,my first turb. the conflicting report was done from a slide, could this fact effect the pathologists findings slide versis specimen? thank you sodacat

Plain & Simple: We're all glad you got good results from your second TURB BUT you MUST have the slides of your first TURB reviewed by a competent, indpendent pathologist. There's too much confusion surrounding TWO TURBs. Untill you can be told unequivocally that the first TURB did not show muscle invasive disease the good results of the second TURB are irrelevant, even though it is good news. If the first TURB indeed shows muscle invasive disease, the current recommendation is to have your bladder out regardless of the results of the second TURB. Do not be distracted by the results of the second TURB. Pursue a review of the slides from the first TURB until you are 100% clear and confident regardng those findings. A first biopsy that shows muscle invasive disease (if it truly shows that by the interpretation of a competent pathologist) cannot be dismissed because of good results on a follow up TURB.

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