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BCG contraindications

13 years 11 months ago #1076 by amy
No your fears are not groundless. With my experiene of allergic reactions each time you are exposed to the allergen the reaction worsens. I guess it is all about benefit verses risk. I am curious why they are doing the BCG in the first place my understanding was that they don't use BCG for a single papillary low grade carcinoma. Is this a recurrent tumor? Have you had a second opinion? I went to two different Uro's and neither of them suggested BCG for a single papillary ta low grade (2 of 4) t.c.c.

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13 years 11 months ago #1073 by windybaer
I have recently (July 18, 06) had a transurethral resection to remove "noninvasivepapillary urothelial carcinoma, low-grade(i-iii)".
I am scheduled to begin BCG therapy in 3 days from now, and continue for 6 weeks. My concern is that I had an allergic reaction to TB (tested +) test 34 years ago. Could this be an indicator of the severity of my reaction in the initial stages of this therapy? I have consulted with infectious disease docs
but none could give me a clear cut answer. My fear is that because of my allergy, the BCG treatment will induce a severe reaction. Surely there must be a way to anticipate trouble but none of the literature seems to take this into account. Are my fears groundless? If so, why. Thanks.

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