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Probably be tough at that age but depends on the person i think. I was stage 4. I'm 64, bladder removed the Fall of 2008. By January when I started chemo had a tumor in my sternum that stuck out as big as an egg. Hurt so bad I could hardly move my neck and arms. Had to have help to get up and down off the examination tables. Was rough, the chemo was rough too. It was all down hill for about 3 months but finally had a blood transfusion and started to recover. Been a long ride. Lost all my teeth finally from the Zometa bone treatments. Molars came out in 2011 and took a few more years for all of them to come loose. Then because my jaw bone had deteriorated I had to have my jaw bone shaved down to wear dentures. Only got my chemo port out about a year and a half ago. Wouldn't do a blood return anymore. Was in nearly 10 years and my body grew around it. Was Hell getting it out. I've made it though. I'm fairly healthy these days. Volunteer at the county shelter driving animals to rescue groups. Got tired of setting around. Take care of my house and property too. Kicks my butt but I do it. Would be pretty rough on her at that age but on the other hand you don't want it spreading to the bones like mine did. That was terrible. Wish you the best.

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So sorry to hear about your mother. This is the time for a serious discussion with her doctor about her prognosis. Ask about Hospice. Too many people wait too long to bring them in. They have a lot to offer both the patient and the family.

Will be thinking about you

Sara Anne

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Hi everyone. I joined a few months ago when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. Before this, she was a spry 80-year-old who expected to live to 100. They found the cancer after emergency surgery and kidney failure from a bad stomach flu illness. She was so weak after that, she chose to forgo chemo for immunotherapy. She tolerated the treatment well and rebounded from her illness. Unfortunately, the immunotherapy did not work. She next chose a clinical trial, still hoping to avoid chemo. But the workup for the trial found a small tumor in the frontal lobe of her brain. She underwent radiation treatment for this tumor in hopes she could join the trial if it goes away. She had the radiation almost 2 weeks ago and has been going downhill since then. I don't know if it's the radiation or what is going on and I am freaking out. She has had peripheral vascular disease on top of it which caused her blood pressure to spike and a lot of pain in her lower extremities. The doctor prescribed a diuretic with potassium but now she is sleeping a lot and her breathing is labored and she has lower back pain. I'm worried it's her kidneys again. She is now headed to the office for some bloodwork and my guess is she will be admitted to the hospital.

What should I expect next? If she is battling it everywhere, as it seems (lungs, lymph nodes, bones, etc), is there still a chance for her to rebound or should I be looking into hospice? I can' imagine her being strong enough for chemo now. I want to do what is best but I do not know what to expect from here on out. Her pain has been minimal until just recently. Thank you and sorry if I rambled or I seem pessimistic. It's hard to be hopeful right now.

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