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Had some elevated protein levels and when checking the kidney with ultrasound found a tumor in my right kidney. It's about 4x6cm, metastatic soft cell carcinoma and due to the location is pressing agaist the aorta with swollen lymph nodes. Pretty much a mess. I am 3/4's the way though cisplatin and gemzar … very high dose with approval for neulasta which I've only used once. So far no barfing and other than low energy and inability to do everything I'd like to do have no symptons.

I have a CT scan scheduled tomorrow to see how it's all working but am wondering has anyone out there gone through this part of treatment then not done surgery? Plan is to take the right kidney and try to clean up the lymph nodes but have met with the urologists (surgeons) a few times and they don't seem to upbeat about going in. Oncologist says (as have others) its impossible to get it all and from what I'm reading if I have surgery I will be fighting this again in 2-4 years. Kind of leaning towards the hell with it … keep going with all the dietary and other healthy changes to lifestyle and worry about later. Thoughts?

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