My dad at his final months-what to expect

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Angelina, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. This is so hard. I do recommend that you contact Hospice asap if you haven't already. They were so helpful for both my mom and my dad. Too often people wait until the last minute
for this, but they have so much to offer ....and if it turns out that he recovers and doesn't need them any more that is OK too.

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5 years 11 months ago #54220 by theadder
Hello. I am new to the forum and I signed up hoping to get some help.

My dad was diagnosed with high grade urithelial carcinoma , muscle invasive last year. He had 4 rounds of chemo , and a radical cystectomy this past February . Lymph nodes were clear . In April he started having bad pains in his pelvis and genitals , then nerve pain in his leg. He wasn't diagnosed until August with bladder cancer recurance ( even though the bladder is gone ). He started radiation and chemo for 6 weeks . In September he had no metastasis . In October they found spreads in both lungs and liver . The cancer is so aggressive . He is starting immunotherapy tomorrow but the doctors are giving up very little hopes . They said he has 6 months or so .
He is not eating anything and he's very weak , lost 60 lbs , in a lot of pain , and he stays in bed literally all day long . We are so devastated . How do we accept there is nothing that can be done for him ?
He has a 4 month old grandughter , all he talks about is how he wants to see her run in the yard .
He is only 57. He is so young and wants to live so bad . We are all heartbroken. It is only him and my mom here . We have no other family . We are devastated.
I was hoping to get some insights on what to expect in the final stages , and any advice , anything and everything is helpful . Please share


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