High Creatinine after RC - Chemo or no chemo? HELP

7 years 5 months ago #50988 by Barbara Puhl
Good evening everyone,

My father (52) had an RC 4 weeks ago due to invasive, stage IV bladder cancer (t4g3). He was supposed to have chemo (cis/gem) before surgery, but tumor invaded the muscle and surgery was urgent. Out of 19 lymph nodes, biopsy revealed 2 regional nodes positive, so chemo necessary.

He now has a neobladder (vol.+-400mL) and was supposed to start 4 months of adjuvant chemotherapy yesterday, however CREATININE level is too high (constant 1.7) and kidneys are functioning at 50% (right kidney very bad) despite kidney ultrasound showing perfectly good results.

Urologists want to proceed with chemo, however oncologists are refusing chemo given the creatinine level & kidney function (cis/gem would add 5% to survival, but too high risks for kidney). Tomorrow radionuclide imaging to test kidney functions, but doctors don't understand why creatinine is high.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Are there other possible treatment combinations? Anything that we could do to help creatinine go down? Is the risk of chemo worth it? I am starting to completely break down, I am 24 and I really don't know what to do. Please please help if you have any advice, I will be eternally grateful.

I pray for this group and wish everyone strength and speedy recovery.

Yours truly,

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