Caring for my father with Metstatic cancer.

17 years 1 month ago #961 by sanny
hi, i just read your post concerning your father. it sounds like exactly what my dad is going through but he is 83. i see your post was in april 2006 can you give me an update? is he still alive? the doctors say radiation will help with the pain, does it? did your father find anything to ease the pain? we are just starting on this jouney and any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated. thank you, sanny

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17 years 5 months ago #450 by roxyfoxy
I need all of the information I can get. My father is 56 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV bladder cancer. He has lesions on his liver, lymph nodes, spine and 2 ribs. He had surgery to remove most of the tumor which was bleeding really bad. He also had a stint in his kidney. He is going through radiation right now and when he is stronger, chemo. He is so much weaker than he was before he diagnosis. He can't eat through the week when he has radiation, but on weekends he eats okay. He is very fragile and skinny. How can I help him get the nutrition he needs. I want to help him get stronger because I know the chemo will be his only chance, if he's not strong enough the doctors won't give it to him. The radiation is supposed to help pain, but he doesn't feel any better. He's had treatment for about 10 days and still no relief from his pain. The pain meds are just making him foggy and out of it, I think they are a waste. What can we do for him? He drinks ensure, water, and can eat ice cream, but I know he needs food.

Any advice is appreciated, I really need all of the info I can get. This cancer thing is so new to me and my family, but I am the only one that wants to ask questions. Everyone else thinks the only question is how long he has. After researching, I realize there is a lot to ask. Help me help my dad. Thanks

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