bladder cancer not seen 8 months ago??

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I am so sorry for you and your friend. Life is always so full of "what ifs." One of the goals of the American Bladder Cancer Society is to raise awareness of what symptoms should lead to a check for bladder cancer. However, so many things can cause similar symptoms that it is difficult to know, except in hindsight, what the situation was.

It would seem that this would be the right time for your friend to enter Hospice care. IT IS WONDERFUL. Hospice can provide all sorts of support, either in his home or at a hospice site. It is a lot more than just medical care, although they are excellent at pain control. I urge you to help him investigate this. So many people wait too long and miss a lot of the care and comfort that they offer. Both my mother and my father were under hospice care for their last few months and it was a great benefit both to them and to those of us caring for them.

I wish I could offer more, but please know that we are thinking of you both.

Sara Anne

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Hello I am new here but did post a question, My best friend was seen app 8 or 9 months ago for what they said was a uti antibiotics percribed. Then he was told he had stones and they were removed, had to wear a catheter for a short time then all was ok or so he thought. A few months later saw blood in urine that seem to be there one day and gone the next so didn't think much about it, just another infection. One day a couple months ago he got up from laying down andwhen he got up heard a crack and had severe pain, went to ER and was told he broke a rib, had testing done which showed a tumor in the bladder, more testing proved it to be a tumor that had gone through the bladder wall, an agressive cancer Dr said beyond stage 4..that has in that short time spread to the bones which is what caused the rib to weaken,. as of today only a couple months after diagnosis he is receiving chemo which is making him so very sick and heavy duty pain meds that don't even help with the pain.He had to have a neph tube placed as the cancer had blocked a kidney, so he has to wear a bag for one of the kidneys to drain. all this for a guy that was never sick never took even a asprin .It is so very hard to watch him get a little weaker each day, I am finding it hard to talk with him as i don't know what to say i feel so helpless and he has helped me so many times in the past and i can do nothing for him..I am so angry that this was not seen at the time when the stones were removed and just don't understand.... They seem to think the chemo may schrink and tumors and possibley give him a little more time, but the doctors also said he prob won't see his next B day in Dec. but they are doing what they can.

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