Finally in hospice..

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So sad to hear this news. So sorry for you and your mom.
Your dad has put up the courageous fight and Hospice is a true gift.
To those that think Hospice is only end of life help, they are wonderful long before that. My mom had their care in home for a month before she passed in March.

I hope your family remembers the man your dad was before bc and all the suffering.

Our best wishes to all of you.


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So sorry to hear about your dad. But I am happy that he is in Hospice care. From personal experience I know just how wonderful this is both for the patient and for the family.

We really appreciate your willingness to share your experience. It is hard but it may indeed help others approaching the same conclusion.

As Catherine said, you and your family are part of our family also. Please let your dad know this

Sara Anne

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Thank you for updating your story in the forum. I am so sorry to hear that your Dad's disease has progressed so aggressively and that he has suffered greatly through these past many months. What a brave and courageous battle he has fought and I am glad he has found relief from his suffering with hospice care.

Please tell your father that he is also a part of our family here. Many of us know all too well the sorrow your Mom and family are going through along with your Dad. I wish I had words that could bring comfort at this time, but there really are none.

Thank you again for wanting to help others even as you deal with your own grief.

Best wishes... Catherine

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9 years 1 month ago #46731 by dhva
Finally in hospice.. was created by dhva
It has been a while since I have posted on the forum regarding my dad's now 2 year battle with BC. When I posted several months ago, I reported that despite my dad's surgery to remove his bladder and prostate, construction of a neo-bladder and adjuvent chemo, his bladder cancer had matastasized in his rectum area. After the insertion of a colostomy to offset the effects of the havoc the new tumor was causing, they did end up trying a combination of slow release chemo and radation over the past couple of months that was shrinking the tumor. Unfortunately, his body and other organs have suffered the effects of the treatment and he had been hospitalized for the last few weeks. His kidney functions are failing, colon is under attack and digestive system will not allow any food by mouth. He is still alert and even getting up to walk a bit, so we allowed for the insertion of a feeding tube as we just could not starve him to death. However, all other treatment has halted and he was transported to a hospice house yesterday.

In the 30 or so hours that he has been in hospice, I can truly appreciate the level and nature of care they provide. My dad is finally comfortable after many months of suffering. We are waiting for an update tomorrow from hospice doctors and staff on his prognosis, but we are well aware it could be anyday that he passes at this point. They have created a patient page for him, and he gets a kick out of how many people have already posted well wishes to him in less than 2 days.

I will try to be more diligent in providing an update in more detail on what we have experienced over the past 2 years in hope that somoene else dealing with BC can learn from it. My dad will be taken soon at age 71 from this horrible disease, leaving behind a heartbroken wife of 50 years, 4 loving sons who treasure the memories their father provided and 6 adoring grandchildren who will dearly miss their "pop."

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