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My husband Al was diagnosed with bladder cancer in Dec 2012. Soon after that he found a bladder support group in our area. Long story short, his cancer actually turned out to be a lung cancer that was found in his bladder. He went through all the "gold standard" treatments for lung cancer, but he stayed with his bladder support group. He not only found the group support, but people who cared for him. His co-workers held a fundraiser for him, because at the time, we ran out of options with the medical doctors and we where seeking clinical trials. Unfortunately, his cancer had metastasized to several different area's of his body, including the brain. So he did not qualify for any trials. We are focusing on quality of life and are finding peace with all we have been through.

As a follow up to the above post... My post got edited, what you are not seeing is that at the Fundraiser they had t-shirts that said "Bladder Cancer Pisses Me Off" We wanted to share the t-shirt with you, but we can't do that on this format. We do find that laughing is a great way to feel normal for a while. Thanks, Laura

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