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Thank you so much for the update on Mike.
I am so sorry to read this. At first Mike was hoping for a year and then he was given a very short time.
This man has celebrated life and never let adversity bring him down. Even his end of life time has been a study in Love and Selflessness.
I have never met Mike in person. Talked to him on the phone, exchanged emails, and "talked" on this forum...... But he made a Huge impression on me.

Mike is my friend. He kicked me when I needed it. He consoled me when I was afraid. He made me laugh when I took myself too seriously.
Mike, I'm going to miss you. We ALL are going to miss you.

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.


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This is a hard one for me to write, but I wanted to give you all an update on Mike. He has of course entered into Hospice and is sleeping a lot now. Liz his wife will keep us updated and I have told her that they are in our hearts.

On a personal note I want to let everyone know how honored and humbled I am to be sharing this journey with Mike and his wife Liz. The have meant what came at them with honesty and humor. They didn't have time to shake their fists at fate they have been to busy making memories and not wasting a second.

Mike is part of the heart of this community always there to give of himself, using humor and a no nonsenses approach that is the essence of Mike. Not a day has gone by in the last months that he has not in some way remind me that life is an adventure to be savored, that memories are worth more than millions, to take every opportunity to laugh and that giving love and receiving love should always be our first priority. I will always be in his debt and grateful that he has allowed me to be part of his and Liz's life.

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