Disease and Dying Process

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I am sorry to hear of your Uncles situation. No one here can answer your question there are to many variables and we are not doctors. But someone who can help you find answers and handle like situations is your local hospic. The can help you with pain management, practical day to day matters while offering support to him and the family. The are all about dignity and compfort. Under help in the main menu above you will find the resource library and links to hospic information. Almost every area of the country has one or more hospic organization and can be found in the phone book. I hope this helps a little know we are here for you and your family if you need us.

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My uncle has stage IV with mets to his pelvis, vertebrae, and ribs. Has been told has only "months" to live. He wants to know how this will play out physically. What should he expect? Has had palliative radiation and chemo prior.

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