Dad's follow up after radical cystectomy

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Hello again... I am glad you came back to the forum with an update. It is good that your father took you along to his appointment, and I am so sorry to hear the news that was delivered to you both.

Although your doctor was quite blunt, he would be doing you a disservice if he told you chemo would cure or "get rid of" your Dad's cancer. I don't think any reputable doctor would make that claim because it is impossible to know how effective chemo will or won't be for any patient. The important thing to take from that is that it can prolong life for your Dad, and as you put it, so he can get back to the business of living. None of us knows how long that might be for each of us, cancer or not.

We have two wonderful members I am aware of who are currently undergoing chemo and while it is not easy, they are true champions of perseverance and determination. Reading some of their posts, if you haven't already, will let you see how they are coping with chemo, and maybe will give you some inspiration to pass along to your Dad. Their user names are mmc (Mike) who responded to your first post, and jmena (Jean).

Mike started the following thread recently and Jean has posts in there as well. If you want to read more from either, just click on their profiles where you can find their past posts.
Good news and start of cycle 4

If also may be helpful to read through some of the "Caregivers Questions and Comments" category. Please post back here anytime you have questions as you go along, or just need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through. Best wishes... Catherine

Best wishes... Catherine

TURBT 1/21/10 at age 55
Dx: T2aN0M0 Primary Bladder Adenocarcinoma
Partial Cystectomy 2/25/10
Vanderbilt Medical Center
Nashville, TN
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Hi there I just left the Dr's Office. My Dad 59 had Bladder removal a month ago and today was the follow up appointment. Dr said it spread to lymph many? We didn't ask. Didn't matter. What the Dr said next was that he recommends chemo. My Dad asked if this would get rid of it and the Dr said, no chemo is to prolong your life. It is incurable. Without a blink of his eye. So Dad needs to go in for a chemo consult. My question is what's next? Sorry but I'm the girl who posted my Dad won't talk to me. Well he let me go with him today and it was such a blow. My Dad seemed to think that the bladder removal should have got it all and to see his face when the Dr said this broke my heart. I don't know if this is the right way to post here but I feel grateful that I was able to get my words out. What's next. I'm just going to love my father up as much as he'll allow. However right now he is probably a wreck and craweled into a hole of depression which I don't blame him. But he'll be back out and we can go about the business of living right. Thanks for any advice you may have. God Bless

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