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Hey Mike...sorry to hear about your "bump in the road". I know what you mean about bruising. There were times I looked like I had fallen down a flight of stairs instead of just bumping my arm on the kitchen counter. I hate it when the grandchildren have the sniffle or something and they can't come and visit. They are such a joy to have around.
I have had a particularly bad week. Feeling really terrible so hopefully the chemo Gods will give us a break.
Take good care. I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hey Mike... Been thinking of you a lot lately. Sorry to hear your Cycle 2 treatment has hit this bump but Cycle 1 is in there doing its thing. My neighbor is going through similar symptoms for a different type of cancer and he has had issues with low counts, fever, and fatigue as well. But he bounces back each time and I know you will soon as well. Just let that couch be your new best friend for a while, but dare it to bruise you!

My best to Liz and family as well. And, don't worry... we will be your village anytime!


Best wishes... Catherine

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I see that this whole thing is going to take a village.... or your whole family.
Man! am I sorry for the delay! I know you don't want any delays and neither do we! Thanks for using what little strength you have to send us an update; But, we appreciate knowing how you feel.

Thoughts and Prayers for you Mike. We need you around so get those counts back up and get the cancer Out of there



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Counts were low. Especially neutrophils. Mine are down to 391 and too low is considered 500-1000.
The neutrophils are key to fighting infection and at my level I could get an infection from the normal mouth and intestinal bacteria, I had a fever the day before yesterday as well which was another factor in combination with low neutrophils. Being below 500, I am in the severely low.

Came home yesterday and hit the couch (figuratively) for most of the day. Unfortunately, our granddaughter had to go home because Liz is worried about me and I wasn't even up to staying on the couch when our daughter and another granddaughter came for dinner and to pick up the first one. I say figuratively because if I were to literally hit the couch I would now have terrible bruises from it. When they say bruise easily they really mean it! I have bruises from who knows what. Seems like there ought to be rule that you can't get a bruise unless you at least feel the bump or what have you that caused the bruise.

Not sure if we can trust the in the ear thermometer I have been using. Our daughter picked up a couple others (old fashioned under the tongue and an electronic under the tongue) at the store and they all have different answers. I am supposed to go to ER now even if only 100.4.

I think I may be clenching my teeth when I am sleeping because it really hurts to bite down at all. Chewing a triscuit hurts my molars.

I can't have raw fruits and vegetables unless they have thick skins like orange or banana. No salads or eating at buffets. No crowds or places where people may be sick.

More rest and recovery and hopefully the counts will come up so I don't feel so crappy and I get the next round next week.


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