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Mike, as always off and running and filled with good information. You are doing it, my friend and that's the start of this. KNow that only my very best thoughts are with you always. The port sounds like a great idea.
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Thanks for the update Mike

I agree with you ..... The "doing" is much easier than the "Waiting to do"
All in all, a good start


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Yesterday was a buy getting ready day. Since I am working on getting into the study, there were a number of baseline tests we needed to do.

Started the morning off with getting the access set hooked up to my port. That was easy enough. Since I was getting a CT later in the day they hooked up one with bigger tubes on it. Folks have told me about the EMLA numbing cream but if they all feel like it did yesterday, then I'm ok without. Not trying to be he man, it just wasn't bad for me. This was in the cancer center lab. They also drew a couple tubes of blood and had me do a urine sample.

Then it was over to the research center where they did an EKG (normal)
As the day was going on I kept getting alerts on my MyHealth iPhone app that this, that, or the other test was completed so I could look at the results. They did a bunch of different tests on the blood and urine.

Then over to radiology for my CT with drinking contrast as well as the in your veins, make you feel all warm contrast. The tech from nuclear medicine came and got me and injected the radioactive stuff for my bone scan. That needs two hours to be ready for the scan.

Then back for my CT scan. The tech's love the port. Seems like we ought to get these suckers installed at birth.

Once finished with the CT, I had an hour wait before I could get the bone scan so I went to lunch and had a nice roast turkey dinner, with dressing, brussels sprouts, and carrots. The bone scan tech told me I could have whatever I wanted and they have great food at UCH.

Then back for the bone scan. Twenty-four minutes for a full body scan and then to get my port access removed and head home. 10 am to 3:30 pm all in all. Busy day and even though we were not actually treating anything yet, I felt like something was being accomplished. I understand the need for baselines. Now, all my info is off to the study folks who will shove my data into their system and, if accepted, I will then have my info put into the randomized to see if I get the actual drug or if I get placebo.

Then, the study people send all my chemo drugs to UCH so there is absolute consistency in the lots/batch of each drug for everyone around the country.

Nothing until Friday now. Then it is off to the research department to start chemo.


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9/2013 finished chemo -cancer free again
1/2014 ct scan results....distant mets
2/2014 ct result...spread to liver, kidneys, and lymph...

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