Update on hubby's prognosis

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Hi Cynthia! I did find out that the clinical trial is in Phase 1 and 2 and they want to use Gemzar along with the drug. Gemzar didn't do anything for my husband the first round of treatment so I don't know why they would want him to use that again.

We did go for another opinion at our local cancer center and they were very helpful. They explained the Phases of a clinical trial and the doctor has the same questions that we had about the Gemzar. She didn't think at this point a clinical trial is our best option. We still don't know if we are eligible for the clinical trial as we still need to go through blood tests and other paperwork so that feels like wasted time to me which we do not have. She is suggesting using Taxol/Carboplatin or Alimpta. I've seen pros and cons of these and will need to do some further investigating. Do you know anything about these? We are fighting an uphill battle and my question to her is that we were planning on going to Mayo Clinic also but this cancer center works with Mayo so would it be a wasted trip to go and have them tell us the same thing; I don't know and I'm leaving that up to my husband.

She did show us the bone scan, which our oncologist did not, and there are more areas of concern then was told to us. As the doctor says we are fighting an uphill battle as the cancer spread quickly within the 6 weeks and the longer we wait the harder the fight. This cancer center has everything available, palliative care, social workers, dietician, phycologist and they are all under on roof.

My husband decided to start treatment because we can always go to Mayo even after we've started. They are going to start him on a bone strengthening drug and also gave him a pain patch for the pain he is dealing with.

I'm interested to hear what you or anyone else knows about Taxol/Carboplatin and Alimpta.

Thank you.

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