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Jean, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this and you are right what a surprise usually at five years you do not see this. I wonder if they will ever be able to tell us where it has been hiding for the last four years? If they can one day they will be able to make sure this does not happen I imagine. The good news is that you are dealing with a great doctor and have not had chemo before so they they are not limited in what chemo they use. As the queen of chemo I and a lot of the others are here for you as you take this journey. Do you know what chemo drugs you will be getting. Keep us informed and know that you are in my heart.

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For the last four years in Oct. I have been able to post that my cat scan was all clear but this year (the magic 5th,year) I was hoping to post the same and was surprised to hear there was a lesion on my liver. An MRI and fine needle biopsy showed mets to the liver which they said is very unusual after all this time and I start chemo on Monday. The pain came on suddenly after I picked up some heavy groceries so I attributed it to a pulled muscle. After a very quick exam that did not even include listening to my heart of chest, even tough I was having trouble breathing my primary care physician said it was a rotater cuff injury with referred pain and to take some celebrex. He and I have never been on the same page so I bit the bullet and went to another GP who could not believe he had let me out of the office without ordering X-Rays. I am now under very good care with a fabulous oncologist (voted the best in CT.) and I am hopeful that I will be able to extend my life. Ialways said I would not do chemo but I didn't like the alternative. I feel that I have to give it my best shot for my family. Some of you who have know me for a long time know how important my children, grandchildren and greatgrandson are to me.
I have been thinking about Zak's blog "I can do this standing on my head" and my brave sweet Claire and Pat who always has the answers. I might be asking you some questions.

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