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I haven't met anyone who has tried this drug or participated in the trial, it's very new. I looked around a bit, found a recent (aug.'06) lecture on new drugs for metastatic bladder cancer that mentioned Sorafenib:

Scroll down to:
Novel Agents in Bladder Cancer- Moderator: Walter Stadler
Video/lecture: VEGF Inhibitors: Current Data, Jonathan Rosenberg

The lecture states that those who test positive for the RAF marker are rare, and that it's most likely the VEGF/anti-angiogenic qualities of Sorafenib that can help bladder cancer. From my understanding it would be a lot less toxic than chemo as a single agent (I noticed the lecture mentions it in trials combined with chemo). Maybe it will be the thing for your father, I certainly hope so.

Seems to me your father's doctor is extremely cutting edge.
All the best,

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My father was diagnosed with T4 bladder cancer in Fall'05...he had his bladder and prostate removed, and a neo-bladder constructed. We've had some post-op problems with proper kidney function - high creatin levels (issue might have been the result of radiation treatment in the mid-1970's after testicular cancer), and he has a catheter and nephrostomy tube at present.
His most recent CT-scan confirmed a 'recurrence' of multiple cancer cells, ranging in size (largest: 18mm) in/on the abdominal wall and ilial branches (details are 'sketchy', getting a copy of the CT results soon).
He met with his Oncologist today - Dr. S. Hotte, Juravinski Cancer Centre, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton, ON. - who has given him options: chemo or test and take part in a clinical trial of BAY 43-9006 (
Does anyone have any experience with this trial/drug?

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