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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 70 in May of 2019.
I spent last August, September, and October absorbing what seemed like gallons of pre-surgery chemo.I passed
the "chemo time" reading labels and learned that most of what was pumped into me was methotrexate solutions with arsenic and other cancer chemo cocktail substances. I learned that methotrexate was derived from mustard gas which is what many first world war participants succumbed to, not withstanding bullets, bombs, and bayonets.
And, we all know arsenic is essentially "rat poison".
My hair did not fall out as was advertised and anticipated, but I didn't have to shave for about three months. I lost my senses of taste, smell, and hunger, but forced myself to eat at least three times a day. I have not yet gained back all the weight I lost but my clothing is beginning to fit me again, and I no longer look like a prisoner of war survivor.
Great care from University of Arizona Banner Cancer Center and Banner University Hospital in Tucson, AZ.!
Both my Oncologist and Surgical doctors were the best. All my questions were answered coming and going.
I was a good patient, and followed, explicitly, all their directions and advice. I recovered quickly without any issues other than all the plastic "plumbing" I have since worn hanging over my belt line.
What used to be routine, using the bathroom, bathing and dressing is now complicated with tending to the "plumbing". Emptying, replacing pieces and parts, cleaning.
Worst aspect of it all (besides the difficult to accept change from our previously easy, satisfying sex life) is, and has been, trying not to let all the "hassle"aspect ruin my normally sunny disposition.
I am still married to my darling wife getting along well even after over a year now of being underfoot 24/7.
The adjustment wasn't as difficult as I anticipated.
Nearly all the five decades that I worked for the government required routine absences sometimes, weeks and months long, from hearth and home up to a year occasionally.The change was frightening as it began to unfold.
I am blessed with the best wife I could ever imagine having.
Overall it has been an interesting experience, that I would never wish on anyone!
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