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Well............this can't be good

1 year 2 months ago #57493 by sara.anne
Welcome! I know you would rather not be here...but welcome anyway.

To try to answer your questions: First a CT scan can show bladder cancer but it depends on where the CT scan is looking. If the scan is concentrating on the kidney it might not show results relevant to the bladder so you need to ask the doctor if he is looking for bladder problems.

As for urinary blood this test is always problematic Very often the cause is never found and in fact for this reason many primary care doctors do not even do a urinalysis during an annual exam. Blood in the urine is often found with bladder cancer but more often than not that is not the reason. If you really want to rule out bladder cancer after you get the results of the CT (and assuming nothing is found) you might want to request a referral to a urologist.

Please do let us know what develops

Best of luck to you

Sara Anne

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1 year 2 months ago #57492 by TigersFan
I thought I would share my story and maybe gain a little insight on BC.

I'm 42 years old and visit the doctor at least annually for a physical, which usually consists of a blood and urine test. I do have a few problems such as high blood pressure (that is really hard to control with medication), gout (since the age of 24) among other small issues.

About 18 months ago, I had a urine test that showed Microscopic Hematuria which was listed as "small" on the test. There was bacteria present but not much (I think the quality was +1). All previous urine test (for years) never had any amount of blood in them. I asked my doctor about it and he said "some people just have blood in their urine." Which from my reading is true but it seems as if a cause of the blood should be found.

A year later, I had another urine test with my annual checkup and Microscopic Hematuria showed up again in my test with the result listed as "large." I asked my doctor about it again, and he wasn't worried at all about it. Basically if it isn't visible when I use the bathroom its not that big of a deal. Seems like that goes against common sense. I eventually got an ultrasound of my kidneys which were clear of any stones or any other abnormalities.

About 4 months after that appointment (with the all clear), I was shoveling snow and afterwards use the bathroom and I thought I noticed blood in my urine but was unsure. The following day, I had to shovel snow again and when finished, I used the bathroom and there was not any blood or discoloration (although the urine was dark, I am certain it was from being dehydrated). Ever since then I have always been on the lookout for blood in my urine. Just recently, I went for a walk (about a mile, at a good pace) and noticed blood in my urine. The following day I went for another walk and it was there again. At the current moment, I do not appear to have blood in my urine (for the past 10 days).

I called my doctor and he seemed a little concerned (but not much). He ordered an X-ray to look for kidney stones which came back negative. He had now ordered a CT scan with contrast which I am going to schedule tomorrow.

The only symptoms I have are blood in the urine. I do urinate more than most (but I can sleep through the night without going) because of my blood pressure meds. I have dull pain in my back but I have back problems and seem to carry my stress in my back. I do have risk factors such as using tobacco (dip) which I am trying to quit and maybe a some years of occupational hazards such as air quality from 3rd world countries for about 6 years.

I have a few questions for those that have battled BC or their caregivers, if that would be alright.
1) Is a CT scan a good test for BC
2) Is it common for visible blood to show up and then disappear (days, weeks, months) later?
3) what other problems can cause blood in urine?
4) Has anyone ever heard of bladder stones causing blood? I have had gout for so long that I wonder if it could be uric acid crystals??

Thanks in advance for any input or stories. I have read many posts on here prior to joining and there seems to be a lot of knowledge and perseverance on here. I will keep an update on my prognosis (good or bad) because I am sure I am going to get all the tests in the near future.

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