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Just a update I went thru BCG intial treatment with ease really had no side effect at all . I have been on a exercising program  and feeling good So far no symptoms of any thing coming back.  I will have my scope done on 21'Oct and feel good about it. All I did was to put things in God hand. 

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1 year 2 months ago #61384 by runner1256
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Second opinion are always good along with second TURBT 

I was told I had a HG T1 non  muscle invasive bladder cancer First doctor wanted to remove my bladder right away. I just pray about it and when on for a second opinion 
I decide to research places to go and elected to go to Mott cancer center My doctor told me he thought it  was way to early to have my bladder remove. They did recommended I get a second TURBT which ended up negative.  I just started BCG treatment and doing fine 
Just remember put you trust in God and everything will be alright 

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4 years 7 months ago #56728 by tgrocky
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This is TGROCKY again and I just wanted to update everyone that this coming Friday February 1st I will be going to get a second opinion as suggested by my Urologist surgeon. A lot of people including people at where I work think it is a good idea.

I am anxious to go as he is also a cancer doctor as well as a urologist. I have quite a few questions to ask him such as:

1. At this point after all my tests results and surgery at this point prior to my second TURBT what does he think in his expert opinion what would be the best course of treatment for me?
2. Odds of my type of cancer coming back after whatever treatment I have?
3. If it does come back will it be more agressive this time?
4. Does he think a second TURBT is necessary and why?
5. My surgeon seems to lean towards me getting my bladder removed what is your view?

My second TURBT is schedule for February 18th and then I will have to again wait for the pathlogy report, which last time took about a week. (That was a LONG week)

I thought about nothing but since I was told that I had bladder cancer on Decemember 26th, 2018, what a Christmas present. The one thing I been thinking is if they want to remove my bladder I am seriously thinking and know that I will not be able to handle that sort of change in my life as well as the responsibility of taking care of the new way I would have to go to the bathroom as my surgeon suggested it would be the stoma on the outside of my
abodemen and where a bag would be affixed. So I kind of decided to talk to the doctors about going all out with a type of chemo and just TRY and TRY that way first as all people respond differently and then if all else fails then we can talk about the removal of my bladder.

I did read on several websites that they say once you been diagnoised with cancer, it changes your life forever and they are right.

It seems that it is all I think about, even when I try to kep busy. I know some of it has to do with waiting to get my second opinion and also waiting for my second TURBT and then also waiting for that pathlogy report. I know a lot of it has to do with not knowing and waiting for these events..

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